Trick Trick Net Worth

Hip Hop Rapper Trick Trick Net Worth

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Having been a part of the hip hop community for several decades, Trick Trick has a net worth that can be put in the bank. Trick has been a part of many hit singles and albums over the years. His latest album “The Villain” was released in 2008 on Koch Records.

Trick Trick’s career began in Liberty City. He was exposed to gospel music when he was young and his father taught him to play multiple instruments. He also worked with several hip hop stars like Lil Jon and Twista. He gained global recognition with his hit song “Thugs Are Us” in 2001. He has also made a few appearances on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Miami.

Personal life

Probably one of the most famous rappers in the United States, Trick Trick is a talented rapper who has become famous for his hit songs. He also is known for his appearance in several movies. He also has been part of the music industry for a very long time. He has released several albums, mixtapes, and has a successful career as a rapper and songwriter.

Trick Trick is a rapper from Detroit, Michigan. He was born on June 28, 1973. He has dark black hair and a slender build. His height is approximately 5 feet and 6 inches. He also has 85 kilos of weight.

Early life

Daddy, as he is commonly referred to, has his own net worth. He has also earned his fame as a rapper. He is also famous for his work in the soundtracks of many films and television shows. The musician has been in the industry for quite some time. He also has an estimated net worth of $200 thousand as of 2022.

He has been a songwriter and producer as well. He has worked with a number of well-known MCs, including Eminem, Jay Z, and Ice Cube. He has also released a number of singles and albums. He also has a house in Miramar, Florida.

Gang involvement

Touted as the king of the suburbs, Detroit, Michigan is the epicenter of this tri-state juggernaut. The city has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. A plethora of hip hop moguls ranging from the local boy to the behemoth can be spotted snooping around in the vicinity of the city’s glitzy downtown district. There are a number of reasons why the sexiest metropolis on the globe is not the greatest place to be, but it certainly isn’t the worst place to be. The requisite high tech equipment and amenities are aplenty, but not all is well and good. There are a number of socioeconomic factors at play, but a little forethought and a little savvy will go a long way.


During the course of his career, Trick Trick has been incarcerated and released several times. He also has suffered from financial issues and has declared bankruptcy on several occasions. These problems have caused him to lose his wealth, and his net worth has gone down to less than half of its former value. However, Trick has not been able to let them get him down. He is currently working on a new album, and is planning to release a new movie.

When Trick was just a teenager, he started working as a pimp. The name “Trick” came from his ability to attract girls in his neighborhood. He also had a knack for playing several instruments, which helped him in his music career.


During his younger years, Trick was incarcerated for involvement in a Detroit gang. He later appeared in the film Born-N-Raised. He also appeared in the movie Just Another Day. He has been part of the music industry for many years. He has four Gold albums. He has also worked with big hip-hop stars like Lil Jon and Twista. He has a net worth of around $1 million. He earned his net worth from a number of sources including merchandise sales, tour and concert tickets. He also earns money from streaming royalties.

Trick is an American rapper. He is also a singer, producer and actor. He has appeared in the Love & Hip Hop: Miami and the VH1 reality series Just Another Day.

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