Tristan Bleeth

Tristan Bleeth is the half-sibling of actress Yasmine Bleeth, best known as Caroline Holden on Baywatch and also appearing in popular series like Hi Baby! as Theresa O’Brian; Titans; BASEketball and The Force. She won an Emmy award in 2005.

Her dedication to her career led to an immense wealth: she was reported worth an estimated $2 Million when she decided to voluntarily enter into drug rehabilitation clinic in 2000.

Early Life and Education

Yasmine Bleeth was born in New York City on June 14, 1968 to parents who both worked as models: her mother was an international model while her father owned an American business.

She made headlines through her portrayal of LeeAnn Demerest on One Life to Live and Caroline Holden on Baywatch, but she has also appeared on crime drama series Nash Bridges as well as movies.

In 1998, she became the spokesperson for Lee National Denim Day fundraising campaign which raises millions for breast cancer research and awareness. Currently she is in a relationship with actor Matthew Perry.

Tristan and Miles Bleeth, her half-brothers, prefer a quiet life while being present at movie premieres or awards ceremonies alongside their sister. They manage this by remaining private.

Professional Career

Bleeth rose to fame through her role as Caroline Holden on Baywatch TV show. This performance earned her worldwide renown and cemented her place among one of the sexiest women worldwide. Subsequently she would go on to appear in several other television series and films such as Hey Baby!, Ryan’s Hope and One Life to Live.

She also appeared in a Johnson & Johnson No More Tears baby shampoo commercial and sang with Puerto Rican group Menudo. Born in New York City to Philip Bleeth (a business proprietor) and Carina Bleeth (a model), she has two younger half brothers named Tristan and Miles Bleeth who she considers her family.

She has not spoken much in public about her personal life and may currently be leading a single lifestyle. However, she enjoys an excellent relationship with both of her siblings and is frequently seen with them at movie premieres and award ceremonies.

Achievement and Honors

Bleeth first became famous on screen during the early ’90s as Caroline Holden on Baywatch and LeeAnn Demerest on Ryan’s Hope soap operas, respectively. Since then she has gone on to star in various films such as Hey Babe! opposite Buddy Hackett as well as appearing in Scope commercials alongside Puerto Rican group Menudo.

American actress of Russian-Jewish and German-Jewish descent. She has two half-brothers named Tristan and Miles who both come from her father’s second marriage.

Bleeth is married to strip club proprietor Paul Cerrito but do not share any children together. Bleeth has appeared as a guest on several talk shows as well as attending movie premieres and awards ceremonies regularly, not forgetting charity events that she is present for.

Personal Life

Bleeth has done much more than acting; she also engages in charitable work and advocates for breast cancer awareness. As the face of Lee National Denim Day fundraisers, Bleeth raised millions in just one day!

Bleeth was born June 14 in New York City to Philip Bleeth, an American business owner, and Carina Bleeth, an American model. She carries Russian-Jewish, German Jewish, Algerian ancestry on both her parents’ sides; Miles is her younger brother while Tristan is her elder one.

Tristan Tate recently used his post on X to defend his sister against an article published by New York Post which claimed she was unrecognizable at age 55. Tristan noted, however, that she is smiling, walking freely, and is no longer an addict – all qualities which speak volumes about how vibrant her life remains at 55.

Net Worth

Bleeth’s portrayal of Caroline Holden on Baywatch propelled her into international recognition. Though not among the richest celebrities, Bleeth has made significant contributions through both television and philanthropic initiatives that have had an enormously positive impact on society.

Bleeth was born into a Jewish family and attended the United Nations International School in New York City. She has two half-brothers from her father’s second marriage – Tristan and Miles.

She owns both properties in Malibu and New York. Additionally, she is an animal rights activist who supports several campaigns aimed at increasing breast cancer awareness, real estate work, co-owns Attitudes by Yasmine fashion line as well as being married to Paul Cerrito (an experienced stripper with his own nightclub).

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