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Tulips – natural beauty paired with happiness

After the long winter we are pleased with the first signs of spring, the Tulips, and represent a real pleasure for the eye and soul. They enchant us with their bright colors and the finely shaped flowers. Sometimes you just wonder how much beauty nature gives us all at once?

Tulpen Symbol für Lebensfreude

Beautiful spring flowers that symbolize the joy of life!

Tulpen schöne Frühlingsblumen

A sea of ​​colors to admire!

These beautiful heralds of spring originally come from Turkey. The colorful, exotic flowers were grown there a lot in the 16th century. Their name also comes from Turkish, where “tülbent” meant a typical headgear nationwide. According to a popular legend, the first tulip bulbs came to Holland by chance in 1562. However, it is historically proven that the French Charles de LÉçluse brought them to the Netherlands in 1592. Then the “tulip madness” began to develop. The enthusiasm for the beautiful flowers increased every year, with it of course the demand and their price.

Tulpen Blüten in der Vase

The history of the tulip bulbs is eventful and magical

In the period between 1633 and 1637, tulip bulbs were ten to a hundred times more expensive than gold until the first market crash occurred. The term “tulip fever”, which is still in use in business circles, has remained from this time. Although the market collapsed in 1637, the tulip trade in Holland did not stop. But on the contrary. The billion dollar business with tulips continued to flourish over the centuries and has remained an important source of money in the “land of wonderful tulips” to this day. Only nowadays are these beautiful flowers affordable for everyone. The tulip has become the national symbol of Holland, where 4000 varieties are currently grown and the Netherlands is the world’s largest flower exporter.

Tulpen rot im Garten

Tulips prefer a sunny spot in the garden

It is not only the history of the tulips that is magical, but also their appearance. They impress us today just as they did many centuries ago with their brilliant colors and delicately shaped flowers. Whether in the garden or in the vase, the wonderful flowers bring a lot of happiness and joie de vivre.

blumen deko ideen tulpen

They impress with their beautiful shape and colors

If you have a green thumb and want to grow tulips in the garden, you need to choose a sunny spot for these beauties. Avoid any waterlogging so that the tulip bulbs do not rot. In autumn, the bulbs must be planted about 10 cm deep. They develop tubers from which the flowers grow out in spring. In order to achieve a real color spectacle in the garden, you need to plant the bulbs in groups of 10. The beautiful flowers will delight you from the beginning of spring to the end of May. Many house owners also grow the tulips in pots. The onions overwinter in a cool place inside the house and are only brought outside in March.

Tulpen in zartem Rosa

These flowers can also be grown in pots

Tulpen in der Vase

In the vase the tulips show their true bloom

At the flower market, however, the magnificent flowers are already available before the end of winter. If you buy a bunch and put the flowers in a vase at home, you will admire their natural beauty for days. Or do you want to give a loved one an enchanting bouquet of tulips? With that you say quite openly: In my love for you I feel in seventh heaven! ”Is there a better or more successful revelation of love than these words? Let the tulips express your true feelings and celebrate the beginning of spring with beautiful flowers!


Give a bouquet of tulips and bring a lot of joy to your loved ones!

Tulpen Frühlingssymbol ganz weißes Interieur schöne Vase Kerze

Invite spring into your home!

rosa Tulpen

There are many occasions to give a beautiful bouquet of tulips.

Tulpendeko im Glas

Delicate purple colors and fine shapes in the vase

Tulpen Nationalsymbol von Holland

Tulips the national symbol of Holland

Tulpen Deko

The first heralds of spring, the tulips are already here!

weiße Tulpen

In a pot or in a vase – the beauty of tulips is irresistible!

weiße Tulpen zart schön

White tulips are adorable.

Tulpen in der Vase deko ideen

Tulips say it very clearly: Spring is already here!

Tulpen im Garten

The first tulips bloom in the garden at the beginning of spring

Zarte Blüten Tulpen in der Vase

So much beauty from nature!

Tulpen vom Blumenmarkt mit nach Hause

Bring home a bunch of tulips from the flower market

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