Two-month-old Mitzi Makes Vowel-like Noises Known As ________.

Two-month-old Mitzi can produce a variety of sounds, including the vowel-like noises referred to as ”____”. This may be a telegraphic sound, child-directed speech, or babbling. Babbling is a common infant first speech sound. It can also be called ”cooing”, ”coughing,’ and ‘’coughing’. There are differences between infants who babble and those who don’t. Babbling is more common in Western cultures, whereas deaf infants tend to start babbling later.

As you get older, the frequency of protophones increases. The proportion of protophones in the youngest age group (0-2 months) was low while it rose in the older age group (16-20 month). Similarly, the proportion of non-speech-like utterances increased as mitzi aged, but at a much lower rate. Mitzi began to use more speech-like utterances as she grew older.

Infants produce mainly vowels during the Expansion phase and remain dominant until about 16-20 months of adolescence. Vowel production may be overlooked while focusing on the emergence of other vocalization types, but vowel productions may be more important in some special populations than others. What can we do for Mitzi, a two-month-old?

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