Two women from Berlin start a puerperium revolution


How two Berliners want to rethink the time after giving birth

Berlin, February 22nd, 2021. The puerperium does not take place in public. What is actually in the interests of the mother who has just given birth becomes a real challenge for all pregnant women. Because they simply lack the idea of ​​what to expect and – more importantly, how to prepare for it. Two Berlin women want to change that with “hey, WOW MOM”.

Anyone who deals with childbirth – the eight weeks after the birth of a child – often stumbles over the term itself. This is how the superwoman and mother suddenly becomes a woman who has recently given birth. Both sounds ancient and evoke associations such as weakness, exhaustion and pain rather than anticipation of a wonderful and equally exciting time in which the family arrives in their new life and the woman’s body performs another miracle.

Whether for etymological or social reasons: In the context of becoming a mother, it is about pregnancy, childbirth and the baby. Oil baby bump to avoid stretch marks? Sure, belongs to general knowledge! Baby’s initial equipment? Sure, too, and hey, preferably just wool-silk. Packed clinic bag? Yes, thanks to hundreds of checklists! But what happens between birth and the time the baby wears all the bodies? What does the mother need during this time? Who will take care of them?

The puerperium seems to be a thematic taboo

Janine Krupp, a midwife for 12 years, and Stephanie Römer, herself the mother of a daughter, observed all too often that expectant parents lacked answers to these questions. “We don’t talk about the puerperium – neither among friends nor at the many gynecological check-up appointments.

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Only those who are lucky enough to find a midwife will be introduced to the subject, ”says Stephanie, co-founder of Hey Wow Mom, recalls her experiences as a mother-to-be. “Most women simply do not allow themselves to take care of themselves after the birth and have much less an idea of ​​how that can actually work.”

“Suddenly the focus is only on the baby, the mom is overlooked – and overlooks herself”, Janine, managing director of Hey Wow Mom, explains how her business idea came about. “We want women to celebrate their puerperium, that they celebrate this time and thus also themselves, in that we sensitize them and their environment to what they really need. We’re making the puerperium revolution! “

The box for the puerperium

Together, the two Berlin women decided to prepare women as best as possible for this wild and intimate phase of life and founded “hey, WOW MOM” in December 2020. Based on Janine’s midwifery expertise, they developed a box for the puerperium: In addition to all products for wound healing, breastfeeding and weekly flow, it also contains many midwife tips and instructions for more mindfulness. “We want to encourage women to take themselves seriously. We invite them to say goodbye to the idea that self-care is selfish or that asking for support is a sign of weakness. ”In order for the mother to be able to do this, the environment is asked not to ignore or disturb her, but rather her to see and to give her the space to take care of herself.

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Image: © Hey Wow Mom

The hey WOW MOM-Box also sensitizes the partner to the needs of the expectant mother and gives the couple practical tips both for preparing for the puerperium and for the actual phase after the birth. It contains, among other things, wish cards for friends and relatives, uncomplicated recipes and various impulses on how this time can become an individual baby honeymoon.


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