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Typical autumn flowers and grasses that adorn the garden in the cooler season

We want to go deeper into the topic of autumn flowers and show you more beautiful garden dwellers that you can pair with the autumn grasses and in this way give your garden a little pep. Because most of the flowers shown here bloom late and can easily withstand the first frost. They decorate the garden and balcony in the autumn months and bring color and romance with them.

Red sedum (Sedum telephium)

purple sedum

The red sedum plant shows its beautiful rose-red flowers in late summer, which please our eyes and hearts until late autumn.

The red sedum plant, also known as the purple sedum plant, belongs to the thick-leaf family. It does very well on rocks and stony soils. The red sedum plant is very widespread in Eastern and Central Europe. It enchants all garden fans with its pink flowers.

Common Sun Bride (Helenium)

ordinary-sun bride

Ordinary sun bride

The so-called common sun bride is not very popular in Europe, but it is common in the US and Canada. It bears flowers in rich yellow to orange and can grow from 50 to 170 centimeters high. It is undoubtedly a colorful change in the autumn garden.

Blue forest aster


Blue forest aster

Asters are one of the most popular autumn flowers. The blue forest aster is particularly in demand because it blooms from late summer to October and brings a lot of freshness and color to the autumn garden in the autumn months. It prefers a sunny to partially shaded location so that it shows its magnificent, small flower heads in blue and continues to bloom until the first frost.


Nature is the greatest artist, as the daisies “monk” prove once again.

The daisies belong to the sunflower family and are very common in Central and Northern Europe. These are perennial, rarely annual flowers that color their blossoms in different colors. For example, the “monk” daisies shown in the photo are colored in blue to purple and delight with their natural beauty.


Sunflower (helianthus)

It is well known that the sunflower turns towards the sun. This autumn flower bears the scientific name Helianthus and is clearly named after the sun, more precisely after the Greek sun god Helios. 67 species of sunflower are known, but only the cultivated plant is widespread in Europe. This can reach a height of 1.75 m.

Common coneflower ‘Goldsturm’ (Rudbeckia fulgida)

common-sun hat

Common sun hat ‘Goldsturm’ (Rudbeckia fulgida) – so simple and fine, so enchantingly beautiful!

The common coneflower is again a perennial, herbaceous garden plant that has golden-yellow petals around a dark-colored center. Yes, nature loves contrasts!

stiff verbena

Stiff verbena (Verena rigida)

Verbena – common verbena or stiff verbena is an ornamental plant that is widespread in South America. This verbena is low-growing and has beautiful lavender-purple flowers in late summer.

Chinese leadwort – plumbago (Ceratostigma willmottianum)


Chinese leadwort shows its gentian blue flowers

The Chinese leadwort loves warm, sunny places where it can show its well-formed, gentian blue bloom until November.

Torch Lily (Kniphofia)

torch lily

Torch lily

The torch lily is again a perennial, herbaceous plant that can grow to a height of 1.60 meters. It is still called the rocket flower and is grown as an ornamental plant in parks and gardens. The botanical name of the torch lily is Kniphofia and is dedicated to the botanist Johann Hieronymus Kniphof (1704–1765).

In our overview of the garden beauties in autumn we do not want to forget the grasses, because they provide dynamism in every garden or outdoor area wherever they are and always look attractive. Especially the autumn weather can be colored and made a great eye-catcher in the garden even with a light wind. You absolutely can’t go wrong with pairing your fall flowers with beautiful grasses.

Here are three very popular garden grasses that look especially beautiful in the fall.

orient lamp cleaning grass

Orient lamp cleaner grass is a great change in the autumn garden

The Orient pennon cleaner grass comes from Central Asia. This grass prefers warm, well-drained places in the garden. Its flowering period begins at the beginning of June and can continue into autumn. The fine, curved, inclined flower rollers are colored pink, which then turns into light silver. The grass reaches a height of 90 cm.

Miscanthus sinensis silver feather

Chinese reed silver feather is the classic among garden grasses

The Chinese reed is rightly called silver feather, because this grass brings a striking dose of exoticism into every garden. It has feathery, luscious flowers that first appear pink as they bloom and then turn to silver. In autumn they have a yellow shade and curve elegantly over. The Chinese reed is robust and hardy, grows up to 2.4 m high.


Sedge also grows in the flower pot and brings exoticism to your garden

Sedge belong to the sour grass family, which includes over 5500 species. Most of them, however, are not well known in the German-speaking area.

In our further picture gallery you can see even more wonderful autumn flowers, but some of them are not well known in Europe.


The splendor candle is at home in the southern areas of North America

beard thread penstemon

The beard thread (penstemon) is a hardy, perennial garden plant that can add a lot of color and variety to your garden

  Autumn monkshood looks beautiful with its blue-violet flowers, but be careful here: the plant is poisonous!

Autumn monkshood looks beautiful with its blue-violet flowers, but be careful here: the plant is poisonous!

japanese anemone

Japanese anemone – beautiful, but also poisonous!

garden verbena

Argentine verbena (Verbena bonariensis) – irresistibly beautiful in the autumn garden


Indian nettle (Monarda) unfolds an enchanting flower fireworks all summer long into autumn


Dahlia ‘David Howard’ – always beautiful and eye-catching!

montbretie-planting-and-caring for

The colorful Montbretie introduces a romantic flair into your outdoor area

purple sun hat

Purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) is native to the eastern and central regions of the United States


Phlox ‘Monica Lynden-Bell’ (paniculata): in good German – Hohe Beet-Flammenblume – a real eye-catcher in the autumn garden

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