Udo Röck: Mobile hunting pulpit

The mobile hunting pulpit is made in Germany. Mobile hunting pulpit: set up alone and without tools within 3 minutesUdo Röck, owner of a family business in Bad Saulgau, developed it himself. Integrated into a trailer, the mobile hunting pulpit is street legal up to 80 km/h and can already be towed by a 500cc quad, but also by an ATV, side-by-side, buggy or car. It is ready for use on site within 3 minutes without tools and outside help.

Mobile hunting pulpit: light, quiet and durable

“My mobile hunting pulpit can be moved anywhere where stationary pulpits were previously set up,” explains Udo Röck. The lightweight of 380 kg can therefore also replace stationary pulpits in the hunting ground. The pulpit can be easily pushed into position by hand using a support wheel. “More than 300 hunters and 27 hunters are already using our mobile hunting cabin. It can be set up within three minutes without tools or outside help.” Mobile hunting pulpit: movable elbow restand lowering helps a braked cable winch. Two gas pressure springs are supplied as special equipment for lifting.
The olive-green hunting pulpit itself is made of weather-resistant, fungus and mold-resistant thermal plastic. “The material we use guarantees almost maintenance-free use for decades”, Mobile hunting pulpit: set up alone and without tools within 3 minutesemphasizes the inventor. “It looks and feels like wood and is highly insulating thanks to aluminum pigments.” The fact that the mobile hunting cockpit ranks among the flyweights is due to the material used. Due to its lightness of 380 kg, a low center of gravity on the chassis is achieved when tilted, which increases maneuverability and driving safety.
In addition, the construction is noiseless: Even with large movements, no noise can be heard that would disturb the hunt, since the powder-coated, torsion-resistant metal frame is articulated and the pulpit is also insulated. With four crank handle supports, the mobile hunting pulpit is also suitable for positions on slopes and in the mountains. Steel braces to secure against storms are included.

Technical specifications

The interior of the mobile hunting pulpit measures 1.2 mx 1.2 mx 1.9 m; there is leg and lying space – you can spread out over a length of 2 meters. your ready to drive Mobile hunting pulpit: Backrest that can also be used as a mattressHeight is 2.58 meters, erected the pulpit measures a variable height of 3.9 to 4.64 meters. The parapet height is one meter and the rifle rest varies from 3 to 3.6 meters. The free field of fire is 220 degrees. The standard model of the mobile hunting pulpit holds 380 kg, fully equipped it weighs 425 kg. The permissible total weight is limited to 750 kg, a maximum of 2 people can use the pulpit at the same time.

price and availability

From 5,000 euros you are included in the purchase of the mobile hunting pulpit. It is available directly from Udo Röck in Bad Saulgau. Consider a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks. Also available from Udo Röck are some accessories and the pulpit itself only as a housing and without the car trailer, but with the same ergonomic advantages. chk

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