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Unique designs of the hanging bed and swing

Who wouldn’t want to find a place of peace and quiet at home in which to retreat? Whether in the outdoor area as a Hollywood swing or in the bedroom, a floating bed lulls us to sleep and makes us think of hammocks, tropical islands and the warm summer.

A hanging bed not only looks fantastic, it can be particularly space-saving and functional. Convince yourself and feel the weightlessness of these bed designs!

The hanging beds are attached to all 4 ropes. They are just as robust and comfortable as an ordinary bed. Their sizes and designs vary.

A Hollywood swing made of hard-wearing wood brings a cozy flair to the spacious veranda. Equipped with a thick bench pad and cozy decorative pillows, you could spend numerous hours there in the fresh air and enjoy the play of light in nature.

Hollywood swing hanging bench design wood veranda gray-blue textiles

Really embellish the veranda with a comfortable hanging bench

Hollywood swing wood outdoor hanging red blue

Have a cozy coffee outdoors, chat or just read a book

If you want to feel undisturbed in your own garden, the hanging bed would be a nice alternative to the garden armchair. Attached to a wooden base and decorated with beautiful bed linen, the hanging bed offers a fairytale relaxation and sleeping experience in the outdoor area. Suspended on a branch, the hanging bed offers maximum comfort plus minimal space requirements.

Hanging bed wood outdoors garden

For a DIY hanging bed, you need a large tree in the garden and a strong rope

Just like on the terrace and veranda, one would also like to have a relaxation room inside the house. In order to ensure more privacy and at the same time have a great view of the countryside, the hanging beds and the Hollywood swings are hung from the ceiling. This seating furniture enchants us with its simple, uncomplicated design. An elegant, simple suspension and fine textiles are sufficient to create an oasis of well-being.

Hanging bench seat pad decorative cushions wood rope garden shed

Pleasant relaxation in the minimalist garden house

Lounge floating bed hanging bed red green relaxation

Comfortable day bed is hung on the ceiling and offers relaxation and a great view of the garden

A hanging swing would be the right solution for the entertainment area. Made of light material, it offers more seating comfort with its seat cover and various decorative cushions, in most cases also space for two people. The stable suspension is of course a must. You can find luxury Hollywood swings on the market, as well as affordable concepts and tools for a DIY solution.

Veranda outside hanging swing Hollywood swing

Creative, trendy furnishing idea for your veranda

Living room retreat hanging sofa day bed stool concrete look

Find your favorite among these models and create your own retreat area with the help of hanging beds and hanging benches!

hanging bed ropes vintage bedroom nursery

The hanging bed is not a new concept, but it brings a creative, extravagant touch to bedroom design

Bedroom vintage hanging bed design

The uniqueness in the interior is emphasized with the help of swinging bed design

Hanging bed white bedroom romantic shabby chic

The modern hanging bed can be in a class of its own

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