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Unique table coasters

Jonathan Adler is the designer of these beautiful ceramic collections. The timeless, chic pieces of furniture should be richly decorated, says Adler. His feats bring style and color into every home design.

Winking faces table coaster black white gold

Winking faces

The unique coasters were hand painted with gold paint. The Marseilles design shows French faces from the 1950s in a combination of black and gold. A great gift idea, by the way.

Classic, timeless motif coasters-table coasters

Classic, timeless motifs on the coasters

Burned, high-gloss porcelain was and still is the best companion for cocktails.

Ornate playing card motifs - table coaster set black red gold

Ornate playing card motifs

Classic design table coaster playing cards motif

Classic design

Fired white porcelain with a playing card pattern can be a last-minute present for your hostess. These accessories have old-school charm and turn into great eye-catchers in every room.

Hard burned white porcelain home accessories coasters

Hard-fired white porcelain

The white porcelain is decorated here with colorful lines. These home accessories fit both as coasters and as jewelry plates.

Sea animals in four colors coasters

Sea animals in four colors

Luxurious accessories with illustrated sea animals for the maritime furnishing style.

Exotic Animal Print Coaster Emerald Green Gold

Exotic animal pattern

The great color combination brings discrete elegance to the cocktail hour. Emerald green and gold depict a venomous snake and make a statement with their extremely exotic appearance.

Hand-applied design coaster exotic parrot

Hand patterned design

Tropical birds decorate these emerald green coasters. The colors exude a nostalgic note of the English furnishing style.

Black and white animal design table coaster

Black and white animal design

You can take these coasters with you on your next safari trip through Africa. Again we see white color combined with gold. The realistic animal patterns bring modernity and exclusivity to home design.

Square design on colored porcelain background coaster

Square design on a colored background

The high-quality porcelain is brought together as a set with the help of bright color combinations and geometric patterns.

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