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This garage has an extraordinary design that reflects the artistic and lively nature of the homeowner. This is namely Mr. Andreas Manoliodakis – the proud owner of this residence and co-owner of the art exhibition “Space M” in Athens. As can be seen from the photos, the result is surprising. Mr Manoliodakis, a creative and imaginative personality, has commissioned his childhood friend and talented architect Mr Kyriakos Katsaros to transform this 160 square meter space into a surprising and glamorous place to live. The project initially encountered significant challenges and obstacles, but that did not mean it was abandoned. The big question revolved around transforming the dark garage and basement with no natural light into a bright and habitable living area.

Concrete floor corner sofa living area renovation-transformation of the garage

Concrete floor in the living area – that is also possible!

The Greek architect completed his studies in London. In this project, the two old friends removed all obstacles and demonstrated the principle – where there is a will, there is a way. The light in the residence was provided by a couple of clever solutions. The opposite three-story building was put into the picture and recorded in the interior. There is a glass roof between the two structures, which has become the main element in the bright kitchen. With this view you could really forget about the cooking food on the stove top. Another gem in the house is the maintenance of a small garden, which brings a fresh, green note.

Kitchen concrete floor glass wall renovation-transformation of the garage

This kitchen looks really gorgeous after the renovation.

Unique transformation of the garage

Unique transformation of the garage

Concrete floor chest of drawers contemporary transformation of the garage

Concrete floor and chic interior

Concrete floor wooden cabinets living room transformation of the garage

Concrete floor and wooden cabinets determine the design of this living room

Living area furnishings-transformation of the garage

Simple furnishings in the living area

Bedroom wall murals bed frame made of solid wood modern transformation of the garage

This bedroom is decorated with a photo wallpaper

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