Unlock the CD slot in the Audi A3 navigation system (BNS 5.0)

Car renters know it: You get an Audi A3 with the “small navigation system” BNS 5.0 from the Audi rental company. This device requires the navigation CD to be permanently inserted in the CD compartment for navigation, but the ejection of the CD is usually blocked by the rental companies so that the expensive navigation CD is not easily stolen. If you go on longer journeys, you would like to listen to an audio CD or MP3 CD. Despite navigation, this is not a problem: first you calculate the route with the navigation CD inserted, when the calculation is complete, the navigation system “remembers” it and you can change the CD.

This is how you bypass the ejection lock

Press to unlock these three buttons at the same time: (all on the right side of the device) Title back, upper left button on the large rotary wheel, screen off. Holding it down for 2 seconds should suffice.

… and to close the navigation system again lock out: title in front upper left button on the large rotary wheel, screen off.

The whole thing again in the video:

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