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Unnecessary gadgets? We prefer the term “innovative”

Today we introduce you to cool gadgets that give your home a unique touch, because extraordinary accessories always guarantee us a lot of fun and variety! Yes, after all, you just want to feel good in your surroundings, don’t you?

Gadgets are certainly part of everyday life in the 21st century. Most people cannot imagine their life without the iPhone. And now there are more innovative gadgets. Because cleverly designed home accessories now seem to want to conquer the world market. Together with the development of digital technology, young designers are relying on new, super creative concepts.

The idea behind these “little helpers in everyday life” is to create advanced products with improved functions and a sleek design. Now check out these mind-blowing gadgets:

Gadgets bottle opener soldier gift man

Metal bottle opener in soldier shape as a gift idea for men

Saving Private Ryan: This bottle opener with a classic green uniform and helmet goes to work in full seriousness. Made of die-cast metal, this gripping home accessory is ready to use. This bottle opener does its job quickly and reliably, and is even indispensable at every party!

Super Gorone Desk Desk Laptop Holder Fold Out Bed

Ingenious laptop table for optimal comfort

The desk to lie on is a risky acquisition, because would you even want to get out of bed? Invented in Japan, the gadget enables the laptop to be used in a lying position. Thus, an optimal height of the device is set. In addition, this laptop holder can be securely and practically attached anywhere.

Bruce juicer hand press kitchen gadgets

Juicer with a cute face and robust design

The charming Bruce looks so curious and helps us stay healthy. The juicer can remove the juice from limes, lemons, oranges and grapefruits upside down.

Kitchen accessories butter cutter slices

Unimagined kitchen accessories like this 1-click butter cutter provide variety on the breakfast table

Made of plastic and equipped with a stainless steel blade, this kitchen helper is easy to use and has a sunny disposition. At breakfast he cuts butter in even slices with the push of a hand and can then be stored in the refrigerator. Practical? No. Brilliant? Naturally.

Shower head funny Darth Vader bathroom accessories

Did you like the last Star Wars movie? How about this gadget for your bathroom?

the The entertainment industry had its big day with this idea: the Darth Vader shower head. The jets of water from Darth Vader’s eyes and mouth will refresh you during your morning shower. Yes, so that you have a lot of strength during the day!

Kitchen utensils serving bowl nuts olives

Elegant double bowl for nuts and their shell in green and white

This double dish serving bowl keeps something to snack on and has a bowl underneath to dispose of leftover food. Both shells can of course be pulled apart and used separately.

Also take a look at the other household gadgets and let yourself be further inspired!

Cool stuff ice cube mold hand grenade original

Explosive idea: hand grenade ice cube mold for the next cocktail hour

Memobottle water bottle A5 flat angular

Finally a water bottle that doesn’t take up much space in your handbag

Chopsticks learning sticks fancy monkey blue

Learn to eat correctly in an Asian way with chopsticks

Whale porcelain holder cocktail stirrer

New, great kitchen helper

Kitchenware Idel Toothpick Holder

The hedgehog is designed to helpfully offer its spikes on the edge of the plate for brushing teeth

Kitchen accessories cheese cutter mousetrap

A great addition to any party: the cheese cutter disguised itself as a mousetrap and ensures even pieces of cheese in a playful way

Soup ladle Nessie turquoise unusual creative

Finally discovering Nessie in her own soup pot

Pizza shape round beach towel original

Eye-catching and appetizing beach accessory that has become very popular in recent years

Pizza oven pizza box design

Compact pizza oven with which one likes to try out homemade pizza recipes

Snowball tongs Snowball Maker red funny gift ideaSilicone lid Steamship steamship kitchen accessoryApron character Supergirl BarbequeColander whale blue modern

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