Unpleasant ?: Mums in a baggy look

Mums in a baggy look

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It was like a tragedy to watch as the young woman in high heels stalked through the sand to get to her little son playing there. A playground scene that I haven’t seen since. This is because most parents dress pragmatically “according to the circumstances”. Me too. Especially in autumn and winter, my well-being is worth a thousand times more than my appearance.

There is no point in leading your child to the playground in high-heeled shoes. It’s just as nonsensical to wear a white dress when you go out to eat ice cream with your kids! It’s not even fun because you a) are constantly busy avoiding stains and b) standing out from the crowd like a bird of paradise. In addition, I often get the feeling of being disguised when I dress differently than usual.

We Germans are not exactly known for an original fashion style.

Most parents don’t feel like styling anymore


For that I know a lot of mums who live in Outdoor clothes walking around in summer and winter. I admire them for it because I see it as an expression of absolute frugality. And if I value something, it is the indecent people. Those who don’t care about their appearance and don’t flaunt any status.

Take Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook: Although he is super rich and influential, he always wears hoodies and flip-flops – and thus ennobles the silt look.

Speaking of the slack look: whether early in the morning or in the afternoon when I come to daycare, I almost exclusively meet people who are sloppily dressed. On the one hand, there are the educators, who of course have to be dressed for all weather conditions. After all, they are often outside with the children, standing and moving around a lot. Morning classes, physical education, and baby feeding also require comfortable clothing that doesn’t stain immediately.

But the outfits of most parents hardly differ from it either. Quite a few come in jogging suits. Meanwhile, the sloppy look is called yes Loungewear and sometimes costs a lot of money. But does it look good too?

Yes, I know: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

The advantages of the baggy look cannot be denied

Actually, I really appreciate the fact that I am not under pressure to look good – that this pressure generally does not exist in Germany (with the exception of a few industries). I think it’s fantastic not to have to put on make-up! I get pimples from make-up. Apart from that, I’m too lazy for the morning make-up procedure …

Not to forget all the money that I save through my abstinence from fashion! In this way I can enable my children to pursue various hobbies and go on wonderful trips with a clear conscience.

Is there any point in dressing better?

Why look good at all? For who, please?

The search for a partner has already been successfully completed. Otherwise nobody seems to care how you walk around. Just being a mother makes me invisible to most men. There’s no point in pretending myself. The expression MILF (Mom I’d Like to Fuck) says it all: You are no longer just any (sexy) woman, but a mommy.

The question arises as to whether you can still be perceived by the male world wantwhen you’re already a wife and mother. Which brings us back to the question of the What for …? would be: So why wear the figure-hugging coat instead of the outdoor winter jacket?

Enjoy the sight of others and make yourself happy

I now go to rehearsals in our local gospel choir once a week. What caught my eye immediately were the skirts of the choir director. Certainly not the most original, but at least skirts. You hardly see them on local women’s legs anymore. In this way, the choir director underlines her role as a director, because her dresses and skirts make her appear a little more dignified.

The men in the choir, on the other hand, no younger than 50, wear classic shirts. Time to see a man who no T-shirt, none Wearing a sweat jacket has become so rare that it surprised me a little. The conventional has become unconventional. You suddenly wonder why they dress so smartly for the choir rehearsals …

For some inexplicable reason, I am happy when I see people who make more of themselves with the help of their clothes. Conversely, I actually react a little dismayed when acquaintances let themselves go completely. Like the one from Berlin who has had a man’s haircut for years, her hair gray, although she is not forty. In addition, dungarees and hiking shoes, of course no make-up.

Something like that influences me too. If my fellow human beings are running around silty, then of course I adapt. I’m writing this as a freelance copywriter working from home. I don’t even have to dress up for the office, don’t put on make-up, or put on a fine blouse. Although I consider myself to be one of the indecent people, I regret that a little.

It is a shame to forego any femininity and elegance. Fashion is more than clothing. It’s a form of communication. Or, as Elle wrote, “a subtle language”. How we dress says a lot about us. – For example, that we have (fashionably) resigned, the time again writes:

In Germany there is a lack of pride with which the Italian kiosk owner naturally knows how to dress like a count. Far from being a classless society, Germany forms a community of fearful subjects who also duck away in fashion: namely before the connection between fashion and social structure, which contradicts German egalitarianism.

So would you rather stumble across the playground in high heels and freeze in your skirt when it is below zero? -That doesn’t seem any less ridiculous to me. Oh, I’m torn!

What do you think: Should we moms dare to go more fashionable? (Incidentally, the men are also asked here: How do women / mothers like them best ???)

Why to dress up? -What are your reasons?

I look forward to every comment! 🙂

LG Anne !!!


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