Until when can I send my application?

Until when can I send my application?

The beginning of the new year is therefore in principle a good time for sending off an application, but you should be aware that there is hardly a time of the year when the competition is greater. One way to avoid this is to apply in December.

When is the application deadline for 2020?

The following applies to the winter semester 2020/2021: Applications for courses with limited places can be submitted from until midnight. Applications for unrestricted admission courses are possible (depending on the university) from mid-August to mid-October.

By when do I have to apply?

It is advisable to send applications with your transfer certificate from the 9th grade or a year before you graduate from school. Companies usually start looking for suitable trainees a year before the start of training.

When do you start the next year?

Training usually begins on August 1st. or 1.9. of the year. If the training contract starts on a different date, please contact your training advisor.

When are you in the second year of your apprenticeship?

Since the contract runs from September 1st, 2010, the second year of training begins on September 1st, 2011. And only from then on does the AG have to pay the higher salary. You get your salary for the 2nd

When do you start the training?

In principle, training can begin at any time. The regular start of training is between 01.08. and 01.10. of every year.

Can you also start an apprenticeship in January?

Can I only start an apprenticeship in December or January? No, the training year begins in September, and the vocational school that you are obliged to attend during your training also begins in September.

Who can do an apprenticeship?

As a foreigner, can I do an apprenticeship in Germany? If you live in the European Union, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Iceland or Norway, you can complete an apprenticeship in Germany without any legal regulations.

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