Until when can teachers hit children?

Until when can teachers hit children?

Physical punishment by teachers has been banned in Germany since 1973, and teachers in 19 states are still allowed to hit their students. At the start of the new school year, there was another heated argument about it – using the example of five-year-old Thomas.

When can you get detention?

However, it is possible to order detention if there are reasons for doing so. The rule of thumb is: Detention is allowed if the student has violated their duties. Example: A student has hit a classmate, as punishment he should be detained for two hours.

Is detention allowed in Germany?

In almost all federal states, detentions are now understood as “following up on what was missed under supervision”. There is no federal state in which detention is generally prohibited. In Rhineland-Palatinate, mere detention (i.e. without making up the missed lesson material) is not permitted.

How to behave in class?

Rules for studentsI accept others as they are. I make sure that nobody is harassed, intimidated or threatened. I don’t make noise and behave in a way that doesn’t disturb anyone. I listen and let others finish speaking. I deal with others in a friendly, considerate and polite manner.

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