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Unusual bookends for all book fans

Bookends are practical desk accessories or useful office supplies. But no matter what you call them, they bring a special flair to your reading corner. The bookends provide a fabulous way to decorate a home library. All you have to do is choose the right design that perfectly matches your interior design. While many book collections look a bit eclectic, the right combination of ornaments and books can be used to adapt the whole room to a chosen aesthetic. In this article you will find bookends that are more pop culture and those that look serious and at the same time fancy. But all bookends offer you a great deal of freedom in the type of decor. Whether you’re looking for a great gift or just want to tidy up your home office or reading corner, we hope our collection gives you lots of new ideas on how to customize bookends to suit your needs.

Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs – these can be used as bookends will!

game of thrones book neck

Surely you know the American fantasy television series “Game of Thrones”?

Every purchase includesst all three bookends – each is about 18 cm tall and when all three are put together they immediately grab everyone’s attention! But so do your books!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Bookends:

harry potter book tail

Harry Potter Hogwarts Express – a special kind of bookend

How beautiful! This BucThe supports are hand painted and contain incredible detail. The idea is pretty clever too, creating the illusion that the Hogwarts Express is exiting a tunnel that runs from one Harry Potter book collection to another.

Very adorable bookend for young and old – a little metal superhero attracts everyone’s attention!


A little metal superhero as a bookend

A “flying” Superhero looks more like a small metal sculpture, not exactly a bookend. The idea is of course gorgeous, the execution – perfect. The sloping end of this fancy bookend is in a book, between the book cover and the pages. Hence the visual illusion that one believes the superhero is floating in the air.

Pineapple bookends:

pineapple book neck

Do you feel like reading or have an appetite for pineapples?

Mark these together with the previous bookendsen intended the transition to designer pieces for upscale interiors. These artistic pineapple-shaped bookends would go well with a modern interior.

Stop hand bookends

stop hand book filler

Stop! Here is something of interest for everyone!

Very masterfully designed and well crafted These minimalist stop hand sculptures also work wonderfully as bookends. Consider whether these will go with your minimalist or classically inspired home library.

Deer sculptures made of brass as bookends


A wonderful wedding present – deer and doe made of brass as bookends

This Bookends are definitely the heaviest in this collection. The deer figures are made of brass and can hold up any book collection with their weight of 6 kg. The set consists of a deer and a doe, so they make a wonderful pair. Isn’t that the right wedding present for a newlyweds?

Globes bookends


Not one, but two globes can inspire you while reading

Books can bring an avid reader to the other end of the world! These spherical bookends make this idea even more tangible. Both globes are also an excellent gift idea, they would look wonderful in any nautical or classically furnished home.

Minimalist bookends in the shape of famous buildings


Have you ever visited New York?

thisThe Empire State Building and Chrysler Building shown here would make a lovely addition to a big city apartment or make a lovely gift that expresses your nostalgia for New York.

Brass cyclists as bookends


Another pair of fancy bookends

Made from resin but with a rustic hammered messi on itng finish, these cyclist bookends would be a nice addition to a desk or bookcase, especially if you are a fan of the sport.

Animal bookends for children


A little zoo is here! Animal bookends for kids

These bookends are shaped like small animals and are specially created for children. Of course, adults could fall in love with these too, right?

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