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Unusual wall decoration – 10 unusual things on the walls

Most likely the storage room is not enough for you either? Is it true? Your walls can offer a clever solution when space is limited.

At the intersection between art and storage options, there are a few homeowners who fill their walls with everyday objects. Whether it’s sports equipment or furniture, it doesn’t matter at the moment. It seems important that almost anything can be hung on a wall. If you need some inspiration on converting your wall into a functional fabulous storage space then stay tuned and read on. Here are 10 unusual ideas that will break free the living space and add interest to its decor.

  1. Folding chairs on the wall

Folding chairs on the wall

Folding chairs and folding tables must not block your way to or in the kitchen.

The kitchen space is limited in this small apartment, but that shouldn’t disturb the homeowner. On the contrary, it makes them look for new design ideas. A half-foldable table is brought to the wall here in the picture and is not in the way of anyone when it is not needed. You can also remove two lightweight folding chairs from the wall right before the meal and secure seats at the table. Most of the time, however, they are hanging on the wall and do not block the way into the kitchen. Good idea right?

  1. Space for the bike
  2. Space for the bike

    Hanging a bike on the wall is always a real eye-catcher, but it has a practical value

Urban cyclists who have neither a storage room nor a workshop need a place to protect their popular means of transport from bad weather and theft. The solution: customized wall racks for bicycles. Sure, it takes a little effort to get the bike off the wall, but it’s worth it! Nothing blocks access to the room!

  1. Decorative pillows hanging on the wall

Decorative pillow - Boho style

Decorative pillows on the wall are a great decoration, here in boho style

Yes, of course that is a very unusual idea for wall decoration. Decorative pillows in boho style are not on the sofa, but hang on the wall just above it. Here you can fully enjoy cozy coffee hours on the terrace. And relax undisturbed by strangers’ eyes!

  1. Display jewelry

  2. Jewelry as wall decoration in the bathroom

    Jewelry as a wall decoration in the bathroom, how do you like the idea?

Jewelery always looks good and is a real eye-catcher. Not only when wearing, but also as a wall decoration. Hang your jewelry on the bathroom wall so that all jewelry is always in front of your eyes. You can quickly decide which outfit to go with.

  1. Decorative wall made of ties
Wall decoration made of ties

A unique wall decoration made of ties, in the stairwell

If you don’t have enough space for your ties in the cloakroom, you can keep them on the wall. Whenever you go up or down the stairs, you can choose the most suitable tie for your suit.

  1. Built-in wine rack decorates the wall

  2. Built-in wine rack decorates the wall

    This wine rack takes up the whole wall, but you always have so many bottles of wine close by

Wine connoisseurs would certainly appreciate this decoration idea. With a built-in wine rack that takes up the entire wall under the slope, the stored wine bottles are always within reach. You can also set a great accent in the room and enjoy cozy hours with a bottle of excellent wine.

  1. Unusual decoration idea for vegetarians

perfect decoration idea for vegetarians

Storage of fresh fruit and vegetables the perfect decoration idea for vegetarians

Keep fresh fruits and vegetables close at hand by storing them in metal baskets hung on the wall. In this way your daily vitamin intake is secured.

  1. Display the pans and keep them close at hand
Decoration idea kitchen wall decoration

unusual decoration idea kitchen wall decoration with pans

Lack of space in kitchen storage is a well known problem, especially among city dwellers. Your walls can offer a great solution for gaining more space. Adding a pegboard to hang pans on will free up the kitchen cabinets and allow easy access to necessary accessories while it’s cooking (or roasting)!

  1. Playing the guitar – is that your hobby?


Do you like to play the guitar? Then put your musical instruments on the wall!

Because you never know when you might need your guitars, it would be best to have them on display. They are a great eye-catcher in the room and definitely bring a very personal touch to the ambience. This decoration idea brings cheerfulness into the design and promotes your creativity.

  1. Decorate the wall with rolls of wrapping paper
Decorate the wall with rolls of wrapping paper

Have you seen anything like this before? Unusual wall decoration with rolls of wrapping paper!

This is a strange decoration idea: put a couple of rolls of wrapping paper on the wall. So you have easy access to paper, on the occasion of every birthday of your family members and friends! Great right?

Which of the decorating ideas presented above do you like best?

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