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Upcycling garden decorations – trendy ideas for a stylish outdoor area

After the long winter, we eagerly await the coming spring. Although the weather in Germany, but also in the whole of Europe, is going a bit crazy this year, we hope that it will soon bring us more sun and pleasant warmth. Before everything outside starts to bloom, you might think about new decorating ideas for your garden, right? Our thoughts go in the same direction too! That is why we have selected great ideas for you that will definitely spice up your garden and yet do not cost any money! In the following we give you clever tips for trendy upcycling garden decorations! You can surely guess it from the name upcycling, this is about a new trend not only in garden design, but also in all areas of our life. You will find out right away how you can bring old things to new life easily and free of charge!

Upcycling garden decorations – the new trend in the design of every outdoor area

Upcycling Gartendeko selber machen

We all have old, already unnecessary things that have been lying in the basement or in the attic for years. Some of us have also kept beautiful items from grandma’s time. Too bad to throw these away and buy new modern ones. That is why the upcycling trend comes to our aid. From old to new – this is the modern slogan in garden design too! First look around in the basement or on the roof and decide what you can use for your upcycling garden decorations. You don’t need to lavishly decorate the outside area with old things. All you have to do is get some items out and give them a second chance. For example, it is not difficult to turn an old barrel or a wine press into a great flower container. First of all, it’s fun to do this creative job. Second, you save money and do something good for the environment.

Such a creative idea for an entire outdoor flower wall!

ausgefallene gartendeko selber machen upcycling ideen diy deko

  • Upcycling garden decorations – create a striking new home for your flowers yourself!

Many hobby gardeners believe that garden flowers only grow in the garden bed, in pots or boxes. If you also share this opinion, then you are thinking wrong! Old objects are perfect for planting and are the be-all and end-all of upcycling garden decorations. With a colored coating you can freshen up old watering cans, tin cans, buckets and zinc tubs, even car tires and use them as flower containers outside. In doing so, you absolutely have to take care of a drain at the bottom of these vessels. Otherwise waterlogging can easily form in the container, but it could destroy your beautiful flowers.

From old to new – that is the motto of modern upcycling garden decorations!

Upcycling Gartendeko neuer Trend alte Zinkgefäße als Blumenbehälter nutzen

The old kitchen strainer from grandma’s time has been given a second chance.

Upcycling Gartendeko neuer Trend altes Küchensieb aus Omas Zeiten in Blumenbehälter umfunktioniert

  • Use upcycling garden decorations in moderation

As we have already mentioned, you shouldn’t overdo it with the upcycling garden decorations! This always looks spectacular and attracts everyone’s attention. However, you don’t have to use a lot of old objects as garden decorations. Otherwise you run the risk of turning your garden into a junkyard. Too much scrap metal, scrap wood and other stuff have no place there. Limit yourself to an eye-catcher or some old items arranged in a group. In this way you keep the good look of your outdoor area and create a real eye-catcher. This can be an old wheel or even a whole bicycle, a wind chime made from old kitchen stuff or even a wooden ladder on which you place small bird houses. In this way you show all guests and neighbors that you think creatively and act in an environmentally friendly manner.

An old bike has been converted into eye-catching upcycling garden decorations.

Upcycling Gartendeko neuer Trend altes Rad Lichterkette Hingucker draußen

An idea for upcycling garden decorations that protect the environment.

Upcycling Gartendeko neuer Trend alte Holzleiter viele Vogelhäuser im Dienste der Umwelt

On the one hand, you don’t throw away old things, but want to transform them into upcycling garden decorations. On the other hand, you also think of the little residents of your garden and offer them a cozy home. All of this gives your upcycling garden decorations a new meaning!

Scroll down now and draw further inspiration for a modern upcycling garden decoration from our picture gallery!

There is enough space for your pots of herbs on this old wooden ladder.

Upcycling Gartendeko neuer Trend alte Holzleiter Platz für Töpfe mit Küchenkräutern

Put your flowers in the limelight!

Upcycling Gartendeko neuer Trend alter WC Sitz als Blumenbehälter einsetzen weiß als Kontrast zu den bunten Farben der Blumen schöner Anblick

Upcycling Gartendeko neuer Trend alter Autoreifen in Rot Weiß anstreichen als großer Blumengefäß benutzen

Upcycling Gartendeko neuer Trend Einweggläser nicht wegwerfen für Blumenbehälter weiter benutzen Girlande bilden

A great DIY project!

Upcycling Gartendeko neuer Trend DIY Projekt Holzreste zum Blumenbehälter machen

Upcycling Gartendeko neuer Trend mit Holzresten einen Pfad formen

This beautiful greyhound spices up every garden!

Upcycling Gartendeko neuer Trend schönes Windspiel aus altem Schmuck basteln

Upcycling Gartendeko neuer Trend Windspiel aus Küchensieb und altem Besteck meistern

Upcycling Gartendeko neuer Trend Windspiel aus altem Besteck und Schmuckreisen Ketten basteln draußen aufhängen

Isn’t that a great idea for your garden lighting

Upcycling Gartendeko neuer Trend Gartenbeleuchtung als DIY Projekt selber basteln aus alten Sachen

Upcycling Gartendeko neuer Trend Feuerstelle Brennholz Lichterketten Hingucker darueßn

Upcycling Gartendeko neuer Trend Brennholz eingebaute Lichter darin im Lamin nette Beleuchtung

Make yourself comfortable outside and enjoy the warm evenings in the garden!

Upcycling Gartendeko neuer Trend alter Holzsessel zweite Chance bekommen Lichterketten an den Bäumen sehr gemütliche Atmosphäre abends

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