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Upcycling in the fashion sector – sustainability wins

Sustainability – an attitude that has become a lifestyle trend. It has already found its way into many areas of everyday life and should now also move into the world of fashion. The constantly changing trends and must-haves are opposed to exploitation, waste of resources, pollution and the greenhouse effect. The sustainable challenge is called upcycling. Fashion should become an expression of one’s own identity, trends should be pushed into the background or even interpreted and imitated. Do you see the end of the fashion world in this? No! Embroidery, sewing and ironing will be the new fashion! Is that too complicated and time-consuming for you? Elisa Schwarz shows in her e-book that none of this is rocket science. Promised!

Upcycling im Modebereich Idee alte Kleidung reparieren

Upcycling isn’t rocket science, it’s a fashion trend.

What is upcycling?

“Upcycling” is the even more sustainable version of recycling. Old, broken, no longer beautiful things and clothes are not simply disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner; instead, new life is breathed into them. Euro pallets are transformed into interior furnishings and glasses become lampshades.

Upcycling helps you avoid waste and conserve important resources. An alternative in the fashion sector would be clothing donations or swap parties.

Upcycling im Modebereich nähen stricken bügeln sind trendy

Sewing, knitting and ironing are currently very popular!

What can upcycling do in terms of fashion?

The short answer: everything. Upcycling only reaches its limits where your imagination also reaches its limits. You can:

Darn socks, cover holes, close the seams and the broken part is like new again. But how about connecting the torn shirt with the beloved but washed-out scarf? This creates unique pieces of clothing and you are even more sustainable with your fashion than if you close holes with purchased patches.

Upcycling in Mode alte Jeans reparieren und individualisieren

You can repair and customize your old clothes yourself.

  • Customize your clothes

The basics shirts can be given a lively slogan with colored yarn and you have a cool trendy item. Sequins on your jeans and ruffles on your sweater? No problem! Do you dare!

Upcycling in Mode alte Kleidung reparieren zweite Chance geben

Give your old clothes a second chance!

  • Breathe new life into your clothes

“The new pillowcase is so beautiful!” You want to hear something like that too, but don’t want to buy a new one? Then get creative! What can be new out of your unworn clothes?

Upcycling creates unusual and unique designs and the best thing about it is: No matter what you want to do with your clothes, you don’t need any previous knowledge and the effort will be minimal.

Upcycling in Mode Garn alte Kleidung reparieren

You will definitely need this for your upcycling ideas!

What do you need for that?

Upcycling is a sustainable craft that doesn’t need much. You will already have most of the following at home:

  • Clothes that you want to process
  • Materials to embellish (buttons, sequins, …)
  • scissors
  • yarn
  • Pins
  • Tape measure
  • sewing machine
  • Iron

Most important, however, is your imagination! However, if you do not have any creative ideas on how to deal with your clothes ad hoc, you can find inspiration on platforms such as Pinterest or in fashion magazines.

Why is upcycling sustainable?

With upcycling, you generate less waste, dispense with environmentally harmful chemicals and use fewer resources. With upcycling you set an example against exploitation and consumerism. And by the way, you also save a lot of money.

As you can see, you can’t lose anything through upcycling, on the contrary: You gain experience, save money, help nature and people with their step towards more sustainability, nature and people and are guaranteed to receive one or two compliments. Just try it out!

Upcycling im Modebereich Nachhaltigkeit gehören zusammen

Upcycling in fashion and sustainability go hand in hand.

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