Ursa Major Solar Tracks Both User Issues And Customer Issues

Ursa Major Solar helps you track both customer and user issues. The tool also lets you differentiate between the two. A record type allows administrators to offer a different business process to users. The Support process includes a list of different records that let you see the issues and help resolve them. There are different ways to view the same case, too, and Ursa Major Solar uses several of them.

To address user requests, Ursa Major Solar administrators need to customize the relationship between work item and project custom object. The project custom object must have a junction object so that a lookup field can be created. For each object, the Administrator can specify the Search Filter Fields to limit the number of records displayed in the Search Results page. Another example is the opportunity pipeline view. An administrator needs to export closed won opportunities for the last 90 days. The export should include the Opportunity Name, Opportunity ID, Opportunity Date, and Amount.

Ursa Major Solar is experimenting with a new feature that will enable them to set up rules for case assignment. In this feature, administrators can assign a case to two locations, including the Support department and the sales team. In this way, a case can be routed to two different queues. In addition to ensuring that a user is assigned the appropriate case, the Sales team can customize the Opportunity pipeline.

Ursa Major Solar uses Salesforce permission sets to configure the flow of customer and user issues. The administrator can set up enhanced security for these fields, allowing only certain people to change them. For example, an admin can only edit the Opportunity pipeline if he has permission to edit the Created Date field. The sales manager can edit this field, but other fields can be edited. This way, everyone is happy.

A Ursa Major Solar administrator would like to create a sell-service community where users can interact with Help Desk representatives. For example, a Sales executive would want to see closed won opportunities in the last 90 days. The admin would like to export opportunity names, closed dates, and amount. This feature helps the administrator configure his sales efforts. The company is also exploring how to configure the case pipeline for a new opportunity.

The Ursa Major Solar administrator has been asked to configure the project custom object and work item relationships. The administrator has to configure the project custom object and work item relationship. The Administrator should also specify the Lookup Fields for each object. For example, a Cloud Kicks administrator wants to export closed won opportunities in the past 90 days. The data should include opportunity names, opportunity ID, Close Date, and Amount.

In addition to tracking the customer and user issues, Ursa Major Solar is also focusing on setting up the case assignment rules. A case can be assigned to two places: a customer or a user, and it can be assigned to multiple queues. The system is flexible and customizable. It is essential to set up permission sets for your Salesforce instance. It is best to understand the purpose of each.

Ursa Major Solar also has a support queue and a service level agreement. The administrators must also ensure that the cases are properly tracked in both cases and opportunities. Ideally, the case management tool tracks both user and customer issues. If you are working on a complex project, it can be beneficial to use a CRM. When the process is smooth, it will be easier for your employees to solve problems faster and increase their productivity.

The Ursa Major Solar support team receives a lot of calls. For this reason, it is critical to keep track of both customer and user issues. You can use the tool to manage both. Managing both types of cases is crucial. Using this tool is important to the success of your organization. The goal of a successful CRM is to improve your customer’s experience. Its users should be happy with the experience.

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