Useful(!) Christmas gifts for car fans from 15 – 180 €!

Tips for Christmas gifts for car fans are a dime a dozen. Usually at the top: Absolutely useless things that nobody has tested themselves. That’s why we’re showing 5 selected gift ideas for car fans this year, which we’ve been using and loving for years in our everyday car life! And if someone is in a hurry: all recommended items are usually by Amazon Prime available and ready to ship immediately.


Curves: Inspiration for road trips on the best curved roads (15 €)

The illustrated books with short stories from Stephan Bogner’s “Curves” series have already inspired us to undertake a number of road trips. The illustrated books show the most beautiful mountain passes in the world, elaborately photographed from above by helicopter. Of course, the numerous pass roads in the Alps were particularly exciting for us. It’s just great to experience the beautiful curves from the book in your own car. Curves comes in numerous volumes. One of our favorites is Curves Northern Italy. Like the other Curves volumes, it costs a whopping €15 via Amazon Prime. A top gift for car fans, especially if you want to go straight to the Alps over the Christmas holiday.


High quality car care products (11 €)

Second place are high-quality(!) car care products. We are fans of the traditional American brands and have been taking care of our A3 with them since 2011. Good tips here are the Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner from Meguiars (approx. €11) for all windows or the interior cleaner ‘All Clean’ from the Chemical Guys for approx. €11 €. As we have already explained, you should also use special microfiber cloths, such as those from Glart.

Michelin insect remover

(Approved) electronic parking disc (25 €)

A digital parking disc is also cheap, high-quality and incredibly useful. These are allowed, as we explain in this article. The parking disc automatically sets the arrival time correctly when the vehicle is stationary. This is particularly helpful in super parking lots, where you often forget that you have to use a parking disc. Our clear tip for a Christmas present is the Needit Park Lite for just under €25. It is just as approved by the KBA as our alternative from Dostmann. We have already tested the Needit Park Lite in the video. The mini version “Park Micro” is available from €19.

needit park lite

Karcher electric ice scraper (48 €)

An electric ice scraper is particularly suitable as a Christmas present for the icy time. We’ve been testing the Kärcher EDI 4 (approx. €48) for a few days and are thrilled. It has a battery life of 15 minutes and de-ices the disc with a rotating plastic disc (with 6 blades at the same time). This is much more even and faster than by hand – and your hands don’t freeze immediately. In addition, the disc is not accidentally scratched.

DAB+ radio adapter (115 €)

DAB+ is much better than regular radio. A number of (approx. 40) channels are now available almost everywhere in Germany. The reception is digital, therefore better and always noise-free. Of course, our A3 only has FM, so no DAB+ on board yet. But if you want to upgrade inexpensively with a DAB adapter, you should consider putting the Albrecht DR75 (approx. €115) under the Christmas tree for the recipient. We have already tested it in this article & video. The car in which you want to install it (it’s very quick) only has to have an AUX/jack connection on the radio. If not, not so bad: The adapter can then also be connected via the existing FM radio reception!

albrecht dr57 dab

Car battery vacuum cleaner Dyson V6 Car & Boat (180 €)

In our experience, the Dyson V6 Car & Boat has been by far the best cordless vacuum cleaner for cars since 2017. It has power, a long battery life and above all: This version comes with various attachments, all of which we have already shown in our article on the V6 Car & Boat. Of course, the price of around €180 for a car vacuum cleaner is a shock at first. But anyone who has seen our video will understand why we think it is absolutely worth the money! Especially in winter, you often carry road splittings in your car – so Christmas is the perfect opportunity to test the Dyson right away ;).

dyson v6 car & boat cordless vacuum

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