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Neuqua Valley Senior Jack Gerrity

Neuqua Valley senior Jack Gerrity excels at both academics and athletics – it can be hard to keep up with him! He’s so accomplished it’s hard for people around him to keep pace.

Every summer, USAFA cadets travel to Jack’s Valley for their field encampment portion of Basic Cadet Training. This unique experience tests strength, agility, and teamwork – an integral component of BCT.

Early Life and Education

In 1957, Jack was cast as Virginia Burgess in Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s film production of Williamsburg: The Story of a Patriot. This 30-minute film is shown daily at their visitor’s center and remains one of the longest running films in history.

At Gryphon Stringed Instruments, he began teaching guitar, banjo and mandolin as well as developing comprehensive lesson programs for each instrument he taught over time – many students of whom went on to become professional musicians themselves!

He and Marie were active members of their community and often hosted social gatherings at home. Additionally, they traveled extensively – often making trips to New York City where they saw Broadway plays or visited with friends (Denis, Paul. Bitter-Sweet Love Story. TV Radio Mirror. June 1963). Additionally, they especially loved visiting Hawaii Islands.

Professional Career

Jack pursued a career in civil engineering after graduating from Rose Hulman University in Terre Haute, Indiana. Working for the Army Corps of Engineers, he designed and installed underwater stone structures called Bendway Weirs on 180 miles of Mississippi riverbank to save up to $36 Million per year in dredging costs and shipping delays. This groundbreaking initiative earned Jack national recognition.

He began racing XC in Canmore and quickly achieved podium results at local events. Since switching over to Enduro racing this year, he has already won two podium positions on the circuit.

Has over a decade of experience in financial management. Has held positions at Seton Smoke Capital Management, Anderson Capital Management, Enright Financial Consultants as well as Cerity Partners (where he currently is Wealth Advisor).

Personal Life

Jack traveled the world while working as a carpenter with Marie; they particularly loved Asia and spent much time there.

Jack later went on to appear on numerous episodic television series such as Bonanza and Route 66, often portraying troubled or criminal characters.

Jack initially struggled to cope with Jennifer and Emilio DiMera’s relationship. Additionally, he ran nightclubs with Stoney before helping Jennifer seek revenge against Lawrence for raping her. Jack then had an affair with Melissa before fleeing Tony’s European castle. In time he also discovered another daughter named Gwen whom resented being abandoned as a child by him.

Net Worth

Net worth is a measure of your total financial wealth, including all your assets minus liabilities. This provides a more accurate snapshot of your situation than simply considering income alone.

At 17 he developed his inaugural entrepreneurial product: dispatch software used by taxi companies and first responders.

Jack has two children with his wife, Mystery. They live in Temecula, California. Jack has made several guest appearances on popular TV shows and films like The Hot Potato, Two Jacks, Not Fade Away and American Hustle.

Jack is currently working on the new AMC series called Mayfair Witches and is father to Cypress Night and Sage Lavinia, both named in their honor.

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