Van Taylor Net Worth

Van Taylor Net Worth

As a politician, Van Taylor has had a lot of success. He has been elected as a Representative to represent Texas’s 3rd congressional district. However, he suspended his re-election campaign because of allegations of an extramarital affair.

Born in 1972, Van Taylor is an American businessman and Politician. In addition to serving as a member of the U.S. Congress, he also served in the Texas State House of Representatives. Besides, he is a decorated Iraq War veteran.

He was born in Dallas, Texas. He earned a BBA degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a double major in finance and accounting. Then, he worked for Churchill Capital Company, a real estate investment banking firm.

After serving in the United States Navy, he was a Major in the Marine Corps Reserve. From there, he went on to serve in the United States Marine Corps as a captain during Operation Iraqi Freedom. During this time, he led missions in advance of Task Force Tarawa, and received the Presidential Unit Citation. He also earned a Combat Action Ribbon.

When he left the Marines, he went on to work as a politician in Plano. However, he left his job there after a few years. Later on, he became a businessman in Plano. Before retiring from his position, he had served in the Texas House of Representatives as a Republican and the Texas Senate as a Republican.

Aside from his political career, he has a very successful social media presence. On Facebook, he has more than a thousand followers. Also, he has accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. His net worth is estimated to be at around $340 million. Besides, he has a large portfolio of assets and a steady income from his work as a Politician.

As a Republican, he won his first term in the Texas House of Representatives in 2010. In the 2012 election, he was re-elected as a state representative in the 66th district of southwestern Collin County. During the election, he raised over $1.7 million.

As a businessman, he also has a large portfolio of assets. He owns a home in Dallas. Other than his wealth, he has a family. Currently, he is married to Anne Coolidge. They have three children. This relationship seems to be going smoothly. Nevertheless, it is unclear how it will play out in the future.

Since he won the 116th Congress in 2022, he was unopposed in the primary. In 2020, he will face Democrat Lulu Seikaly in the general election. Besides, he is opposed to a bill that would authorize a needle exchange program for drug addicts.

However, he is endorsed by the North Texas Tea Party. Moreover, he has connections with several government agencies, as well as nonprofit organizations.

With the recent political map changes in Texas, he is a target of Democratic voters. However, he is not as vulnerable as he used to be. Compared to the average voter, he has a very high percentage of college-educated voters. That means he has the chance to win over them if he can maintain his lead in the upcoming election.

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