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Vintage chairs with a French touch from the 50s

An exciting event from the last century in the great world of interior design is the vintage chair from the 50s. The period between 1950-1960 is determined by today’s designers as the high point in the development of modern furniture and modern designs. Many famous designers created their extraordinary vintage chairs during this period. Now let’s show you some of these great designs!

Dinner designer chair vintage

Designer chair in vintage style

Old-fashioned wooden chair wooden table orange

Old-fashioned wooden chair and wooden table in a warm wood tone

How can a vintage chair actually fit into modern furnishings? According to our experts, the answer to this question is very simple! The chairs go very well with the current design and add to the stylish charm of eclectic perfectionism. The photos show examples of French seating, combined with a favorite carpet, cutting-edge technology and comfortable sofas in a minimalist style. This composition works wonders in the interior. Imagine a classic crystal chandelier and voila – now you have your individual masterpiece.

Wooden chairs vintage retro

Retro style wooden chairs

How do you choose exactly the right vintage chair? First we think of the colors. Do they fit in the room and what would they look like in the dim light? If you have a clear idea, don’t hesitate to buy. Be considerate of the shape of the chair. In the photos you can see how some chairs have gently rounded lines, while others look more angular, rectangular and square. Just think about how the chairs look in conjunction with the other objects.

Vintage wooden chairs

Vintage wooden chairs

Usually just a vintage piece in the house is enough. Simple design is better, otherwise the interior can look weird. Trust in your own taste. The furnishings should not only appear stylish, but also look cozy.

Vintage wooden chair

Vintage style wooden children’s chair

Vintage dinner chair

Vintage dinner chair

Animal fur rug designer chair wooden legs orange

Animal fur as a carpet for more comfort when eating

Rocking chair modern elegant dresser carpet designer vintage chair

Rocking chair in front of the modern, elegant chest of drawers

Checkerboard Pattern Flooring Black White Green Chair

Checkerboard pattern on the flooring in black and white

Retro leather chair

Retro leather chair

Metal chairs mesh design vintage

Metal chairs for the industrial style

Metal chair vintage

Metal chairs in vintage style

Leather armchair metal legs retro chair

Leather armchair with metal legs in retro style

Ball armchair, red wallpaper, blue motifs, magazine holder, interesting unusual-vintage chair

Rozer ball armchair, red telephone – isn’t that romantic?

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