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Vintage nursery designs that young and old like!

The children grow up too schell. And the parents for their part try to secure the best conditions for them so that the little ones can develop well. It is probably clear to all adults that the children’s room these days could not just be a bedroom. It’s more like the room where the little ones like to play, paint, make music and learn the alphabet. The interior designers have known the needs of the little ones and their parents for a long time and suggest appropriate children’s room designs. Comfort is always a top priority in every children’s bedroom, so that the children feel comfortable there. Yes, where you can sleep and play under one roof, you can create a creative atmosphere that encourages the imagination of the little ones and guarantees their good mood. In our photo show you can now look at such children’s room designs with vintage elements. Include them all colorful accents and sophisticated old finds that have found their perfect place in the children’s room, right next to their favorite toyss of the little ones. Scroll down and get inspired!

A little gameparadies for your children

vintage-design-ideas-for-children's rooms

A paradise for amusing children’s games

Most households have old toys in Vintage Style and small pieces of furniture, teddy bears and cowboy boots in the attic or in the basement and nobody cares about them. But you could give these old things a second chance and bring them to new life. Just look around in the basement or on the roof to see what you have there, perhaps from grandma or from your childhood, and bring everything that is still usable into the apartment. You could use it to create a play area in the Your child’s bedroom design. In this way you can skillfully combine nostalgia and cosiness in the ambience.

In case you haven’t thrown away the old beds from the 1970s….

vintage nursery

Old beds are celebrating their comeback in this children’s room

How do you like the furnishings in this nursery? The beds from three generations have been renovated here and are now being used again. The mattresses are new, only the bed frames are old and they bring the vintage flair to the room. At the same time, these beds are very comfortable and create a cheerful atmosphere in the children’s room. Oh, and one more thing! Did you notice the vintage lights?

A built-in day bed in the nursery is a great idea!

deco ideas-nursery-day bed

This built-in day bed looks so charming and invites you to take a nap

Since our living space is usually not big enough for all of our ideas and projects, we try to make the most of even the smallest niche or corner. The next picture example is also a small proof of this claim. A built-in day bed has been designed in the children’s room, which pairs perfectly with the open bookshelves. The bed is flooded with daylight during the day because it is right by the window. Sleeping, reading, playing … dreaming – your child can do all of this here without any problems. The whole interior is done very successfully in cobalt blue and combines modern design with vintage elements.

Pure vintage – that’s how you could describe this children’s room

pink-and-white children's room

Lots of pink and white for a romantic mood

This children’s bedroom exudes a lot of romance in vintage style. Interesting white upholstery on the headboard, white upholstered bench at the end of the bed and a soft bedspread Pink make an unbeatable combination. That’s what I call pure vintage-style romance, right?

A facility dedicated to the theme of the circus

nursery furniture

In the style of the 30s, yet colorful and cheerful

This nursery combines sleeping and playing in one room. And quite successful! The parents have placed a wonderful cherry wood bed in the middle of the room and there is enough free space around itm playing. The design is clearly dedicated to the theme of the circus, there are many plush animals and an old poster. The framed circus advertising poster comes from the 1930sn and doubles the fun atmosphere in the room.

Elegant and simple


Two girl twins can sleep comfortably here and dream beautifully!

Yes, exactly this is what a vintage girls’ room looks like! Two simply designed rollaway beds for girl twins are also adorned with elegant shabby chic bed linen. And in between on the small bedside table is a light pink lamp. Yes, beautiful dreams can be had under the sloping roof!

Cozy boys bedroom

kids room ikea bed dresser

This boy’s bedroom impresses with its warmth and comfort

This cozy boys’ bedroom is furnished with numerous vintage items and exudes warmth and comfort. The Ikea bed is placed under the sloping ceiling and is softer Bed linen rounded. A little man can grow happily in this setting for years.

The cots are not new, but they look great!

creative-cots-children's room

Another romantic room for girl twins

The parents found these two metal beds at a garage sale, repainted them white and thus breathed new life into the furniture. Now they are standing straight in the right place in the children’s bedroom for both girl twins. Bright colors make the happy mood here.

Bright colors cheer up


A romantic sleeping corner in pink

It is well known, brilliant ones surfaces and delicate pastel colors bright narrow spaces on. You can see that in our next photo. With bright red and pink nuances, you have created a romantic sleeping corner that looks cute and charming, but by no means is dark and cavernous.

Simple sleeping area under the sloping roof


Simplicity with a big can of romance

As we already know, in many city apartments you have to make good use of even the smallest space. That’s what you did here and converted a very narrow room into a children’s room. It’s super easy equipped as far as the limited space allows. But with that you have gained an additional sleeping option. The handmade blanket is also a hit!

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