VMT Voss Motorrad Technik: Quad rental in Bretten

VMT Voss Motorrad Technik: Quad rental in Bretten

VMT boss Heiko Voss runs a quad rental in Bretten in his shop including workshop. It was not until March 19, 2016 that Heiko’s VMT team called to Bretten to inaugurate the new shop after 13 years at the old location. The ATVs and quads of the brands Kymco, Polaris and Yamaha are managed by VMT Voss Motorrad Technik.

Quad rental in Bretten: Kymco Maxxer 300

Quad rental in Bretten: at VMT Voss Motorrad TechnikAt 350 m2 In addition to new and used motorcycles, VMT boss Heiko Voss also has the largest quad and ATV exhibition in the region, including children’s quads. In addition, VMT Voss Motorrad Technik covers the entire range of accessories and clothing. Service and repairs of all kinds are carried out on five lifting platforms in the newly established workshop.
The comprehensive offer from VMT Voss Motorrad Technik is rounded off by the rental of vehicles. Kymco Maxxer 300s are available for this at a daily rate of 75 euros. VMT Voss Motorbike TechnologyYou can drive 100 kilometers freely – on public roads, mind you. After the free 100 kilometers you pay a surcharge per kilometer. The vehicles can also be borrowed over the weekend. You can drive 250 kilometers for a rental price of 160 euros over the weekend. You can borrow a helmet for 5 euros. The vehicles are comprehensively insured, and a deposit of 250 euros must be paid when renting. A valid driver’s license is required for rental. chk

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