VW Discover Pro hangs? Simply restart the infotainment system!

It happens with the MIB III (modular infotainment toolbox from Volkswagen) unfortunately all too often at the moment: With the new infotainment systems of the MIB 3, the software regularly hangs. We show how to get the navigation system up and running again quickly and easily while driving, with or without buttons.


Infotainment System: Stuck or Not Working Properly?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Discover systems from Volkswagen, Columbus systems from Skoda, Audi’s MMI: all systems from the VW Group based on MIB 3 technology work in a similar way: you just have to use them start anew. A restart may be required if the infotainment system has hung. Individual functions such as navigation or DAB radio often no longer work. Sometimes touchscreen inputs can no longer be made or the navigation system no longer speaks. In particular, if nothing happens after a few minutes, only one helps Restart.

Quickly and easily restart & troubleshoot

A restart or reboot of the system is extremely easy. It doesn’t matter whether you’re stationary or driving: You simply have to keep the power button presseduntil the Volkswagen (or Audi, Skoda or Seat) logo appears. To do this, hold down the power button for about 5-10 seconds. When the manufacturer’s logo appears, release it. The system will now reboot (takes another 5-10 seconds). After that everything should work again!

discover pro neu starten2

1.: Press the power button until the manufacturer’s logo appears. 2.: Then the infotainment system restarts

When leaving the car and/or restarting the engine does not replace a system restart! The infotainment does not restart every time the engine is started. Rather, you have to restart it separately with our trick.

Also works with older systems!

Even with older systems from the Volkswagen Group, i.e. with the brands VW, VW Commercial Vehicles, Audi, Seat & Skoda, you can reset the infotainment systems or navigation systems with a long press of the on/off button. With older models (up to approx. 2018) there is usually no touch, here the physical one usually has to be used Volume knob long-pressed.

polo 2018 tsi 95 ps highlight orange 7

Discover Media in the Polo: Here the restart takes place via a long press on the right rotary control (volume)

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