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Wall clocks for every taste

In a few seconds you will find out that the right wall clock is viewed as art. Is your home designed in a modern or more classic design? Actually, that is not so important, because TRENDOMAT has the right timing device for you!

We have a wall clock with a high-gloss finish – as chic as your wristwatch – here. Or do you prefer strong wood as a material? We can also offer. How about pig iron and visible screw connections? You can find all variants with us.

You can decorate the walls with pictures and mirrors, but a large wall clock would still look very stylish there. Some wall clocks are real feats. Regardless of the style in which you have furnished your room, the right wall clock is one of the following:

Colorful design wall clocks


These timepieces prove that bold designs go beautifully with the room furnishings. Hang this clock as a Accent piece and let it become a topic of conversation!


Find a modern, simple design in a minimalist style, but that doesn’t disturb the overall impression? These sleek watches give your ambience the right look.


Who wouldn’t want to briefly get into that Atmosphere of a novel immerse yourself? When the antique furniture has found its place in your décor, let the pendulum swing in the direction of one of these familiar faces.


Is it the right time mix multiple styles? Choose a bold color and surprise your friends with it.


for Sea lover there is this dial that would go perfectly with a room interior in white and blue.


Get going with this timing device: grumpy Metals and visible mechanics make the design. The clock pendulums complete the industrial style.

Mid century style

Look back in time with these Watch classics. The retro design goes perfectly with the old fashioned Interior design.

Exotic clocks for the partition wall clocks

Exotic clocks for the partition

White wall clock as decoration wall clocks

White wall clock as a decoration

Wall clock metal pointer modern wall clocks

Modern wall clock on the bedroom wall

Wall clock over the fireplace console wall clocks

Wall clock above the fireplace console

Industrial style wall clock - wall clocks

Industrial style wall clock

Wall clock design in red wall clocks

Wall clock design in red

Wall clock as a hall mirror wall clock

Wall clock as a hall mirror

large wall clock with Roman numerals wall clocks

large wall clock with Roman numerals

large wall clock for the kitchen wall clocks

large wall clock for the kitchen

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