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Wall decoration ideas: Photo wallpapers that enchant

Many homeowners would like to have a real eye-catcher in a particular room that immediately attracts everyone’s attention. In principle, that’s an excellent one Wall decoration ideathrough which you introduce picturesque charm and personal flair into your home. Today we have 15 adorable examples for you Wall murals selected to transform your four walls into something special. Stay tuned and let yourself be surprised!

Modern photo wallpapers are very popular again! They are always of the best quality and made with great attention to detail. The mural motifs are really versatile, so that you can find the best for every personal style, individual taste and at a suitable price. The modern photo wallpapers give you many new design options, but their biggest plus point is that you can make your home individually and comfortably with the help of striking wall paper. In our picture gallery you will find photo wallpapers for every possible space. The assortment goes from charming city pictures to funny motifs for the nursery to wonderful pictures of nature. All photo wallpapers are high quality and guarantee you a perfect wall decoration and room design. You will definitely enjoy it for many years to come!

Wanddeko Ideen Fototapete spielende Kinder

Hopefully you haven’t forgotten how you played when you were a kid!

With this cheerful wallpaper you will definitely make your room appear bigger. It is definitely appropriate for every child’s room, but it also looks good and in the right place in transition rooms. This photo wallpaper is a wonderful highlight and can bring you back to childhood or motivate your little ones to play and have fun!

Wanddeko Ideen Fototapete im Schlafzimmer

Back to the past or would you prefer to look to the future?

If you also want to be transported to another world, then use a photo wallpaper with historical, exotic or futuristic motifs. These are suitable for the bedroom and / or living room, but look just as good in the dining room.

Wanddeko Ideen Fototapete Indien

Historical images from unknown eras and countries immediately attract everyone’s attention.

Photo wallpaper depicting landscape or forest photos has a very calming effect on the eyes and soul. This creates a new sense of space that ensures inner balance and harmony. With such wallpapers you can freshen up your wall and you will be able to admire your choice for years.

Wanddeko Ideen Fototapete florale Motive

This photo wallpaper with floral motifs brings a lot of natural freshness in the dining room

Wanddeko Ideen Fototapete Wald innere Balance Harmonie im Trainingsraum

You also need harmony and inner balance in the training room

wandgestaltung tapete wohnzimmer

A very cozy living room designed with photo wallpaper, which offers an enchanting view of the sea at sunrise

There are wall murals in vintage style, which of course are a bit unusual in design. These wallpapers sometimes depict scenes and create the illusion of distance by playing with the size and intensity of the images. The subjects in the foreground are larger, brighter, and more detailed, while those further away decrease in size, intensity, and clarity.

wandgestaltung tapete fototapete vintage deko ideen

A somewhat unusual photo wallpaper decorates the walls in the vintage dining room

Tapeten Ideen Wohnzimmer

Immerse yourself in the history of the fashion world here!

Regardless of which design and which motifs you choose, one thing is certain: the modern photo wallpapers express our desire to stay in closer contact with the outside world and never to lose this connection. The spatial sense is not important here, but the feeling of being true to nature in the space is of key importance. Actually, the photo wallpapers show the eternal striving of people to connect with the great outdoors and to bring freedom home from there!

Wandtapete Naturbild

Perfection down to the smallest detail

wanddeko fototapete wohnzimmer

Introduce the color palette of the great outdoors into your own four walls

Kinderzimmer Wandtapete deko ideen

Your child can grow up in the enchanting fairytale world

Wanddeko Ideen Wandtapete Kinderzimmer

Little Red Riding Hood is popular with all little darlings

Wanddeko Idee Flur Fototapete

A city map (old or new) would be a great wall decoration ideas for the hallway

Wanddeko Fototapete freie Natur ins Haus

Invite the great outdoors into your home!

ideen wanddeko fototapete wohnzimmer

You can enjoy this wonderful sea view at every meal at home

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