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Wall murals trends 2020 – modern interior design in 2020

Wallpapers and photo murals were and are still very much in vogue – especially this year, thanks to photo murals, you can create a stylish arrangement that is sure to create a wow factor. Through Applying photo wallpaper on the walls or the ceiling can easily change the character of the arrangement and create new spaces. The wallpaper industry offers a wide range of patterns and motifs that can be adapted to almost any style. The more daring arrangements certainly include large-format ones XXL photo wallpapers with expressive motifs, such as floral or geometric patterns in Art Deco style. On the other hand, wall murals in a neutral color scheme or with an ombre effect will work well in interiors in a natural or minimalist style. Learn more about Wall murals motifsthat are in the top trends this year, change your rooms and create a stylish home.

As always, beautiful natural landscapes are one of the photo wallpaper trends 2020.

Fototapeten Trends 2020 schöne Naturlandschaft im Nebel Grün dominiert visuelle Tiefe

Large format murals – XXL photo wallpapers 2020

Photo wallpapers with their endless choice of motifs can easily and effectively replace one or even several murals and one entirely achieve a new depth effect. In the coming season we will be able to choose between hand-painted art prints and, above all, the watercolor pictures with, for example, genre or natural scenery. This category also includes large-format photo wallpapers that imitate a damaged wall, e.g. For example, peeling plaster, water stains or worn paint, inspired by the Wabi-Sabi philosophy, can be very fashionable. In online shops like this one at https://www.bimago.de/fototapeten.html, you can get inspiration from the diverse photo wallpaper collection and order it from the comfort of your home.

High-quality photo wallpapers in pastel colors give the room visual depth.

Fototapeten Trends 2020 blau grauer Himmel Wolken Sonnenstrahlen visuelle Tiefe

They offer an alternative for those who are looking for a tasteful, unusual, but at the same time large wall decoration and who do not want to use photo wallpapers with repetitive patterns. Pictures made from strips of wallpaper stuck next to each other in the correct order are best for spacious, high interiors. In small spaces, using large format photo murals on the wall from ceiling to floor can make the interior appear smaller and lower than it actually is. High quality photo wallpapers on the ceiling create a very interesting and unconventional room image. However, this idea should be carefully considered, because wallpaper on the ceiling is not suitable for all rooms – especially not for low rooms, where they are rather oppressive. In old buildings, on the other hand, where you can find apartments with high ceilings Wall murals on the ceiling sure to achieve a wow factor.

Bleached green leaves are one of the popular wallpaper patterns that are inspired by nature.

Fototapeten Trends 2020 Blätter in gebleichtem Grün beliebte Tapetenmuster von der Natur inspiriert

Flowers and leaves – floristic wall murals for 2020

Floristic wallpapers have dominated interior design for several seasons. Were the designers able to create new motifs in this category in 2020? Definitely yes – they move away from the old-fashioned, intricate floral designs in the Victorian style and prefer large and bold decorations with flowers or leaves. They are increasingly eager to modernize floral designs of classic origin by opting for two- or three-tone models, e.g. B. with a colored background and monochrome print or vice versa – with a neutral background and one or two-tone print. Interestingly, floral wallpapers in bold, dark colors are increasingly being abandoned in favor of pastel, optimistic colors. Instead, in 2020 you will find particularly fashionable shades of yellow (e.g. mustard, white), pink (powder) and green (mint, sage). Among the proposals for the coming season, in addition to the fashionable peony flowers and banana leaves a year ago, mainly wild flowers like peas, lilacs, ferns, poppies, and even thistles being. Patterns depicting duets of plants and animals will also be in the top trends. In the collection for 2020 there is no shortage of photo wallpapers with hummingbirds, parrots, peacocks and flamingos in the middle of exotic vegetation or even butterflies with flowers.

Exotic fern leaves add a green touch to the interior.

Fototapeten Trends 2020 exotische Farnblätter eine grüne Note ins Interieur bringen

Inspired by nature – wallpapers in neutral tones

For those who do not like glamor, bold colors and rich patterns, wallpaper manufacturers have prepared a wide range of delicate, neutral models. Photo wallpapers in light, airy colors such as the extremely popular beige, cream white, bleached green (e.g. in the shade of sage), warm gray, smoky blue, light corals or brown coffee shades are particularly fashionable. The new Wall murals will appear in neutral tones in 2020, so in most cases strong patterns are not used.

To avoid boredom, they are decorated with a barely noticeable texture created by inspired by natural materials is. In 2020, stores will surely offer wall murals with the texture of rattan binding, marble, jasper, field stones, wood grain, coral or suede. In this collection there will certainly not be a lack of motifs that fit perfectly into the still current trend of Wabi Sabi.

Lovers of long-distance travel will also find the most suitable photo wallpaper for their living room.

Fototapeten Trends 2020 im Wohnzimmer Weltkarte passende Fototapete für Reiselustige

The animal world is also well represented in the photo wallpaper Trends 2020.

Fototapeten Trends 2020 tierische Muster schöner Anblick Hirsch Reh in grafischen Strichen

If you dream of a trip to Africa….

Fototapeten Trends 2020 tierische Muster Afrikareise Bisons

A little extravagance in graphic patterns never hurts!

Fototapeten Trends 2020 etwas Extravaganz in grafischen Mustern Blickfang

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