Wall shelves and home organization presented in a new dimension

Your wall shelves at home shouldn’t look cluttered, as a pile of items can be confusing. Instead, try a combination of horizontal and vertical placement of the home accessories. With books in order on one side, all you could do on the other is to display a picture frame or a small souvenir. Snimka

Stacked books, picture frames and souvenir wall shelves, hanging cabinet, organization system

Stacked books, frame photo and souvenir

Find the right use for each storage basket or container to make the organizational process easier.

The right containers and storage baskets make the difference - wall shelves tidiness, organization system clearing out storage

The right containers and storage baskets make the difference

It is no coincidence that the storage boxes are available in different sizes. When you buy, you should get a variety of storage containers so that you can do the organization twice as fast.

Combine storage boxes of different sizes-wall shelf wardrobe organization tidiness storage box

Combine storage boxes in different sizes

Many niches in the living space can have a practical task and can be used to the maximum. Since a large table does not fit in this room, another solution was found here. The side table in red, which looks small at first glance, has been equipped with a table lamp and space for books.

Small side table creates order in the living room-niche solutions storage order living room color accent

Small side table creates order in the living room

One often tends to overload the shelves and rely on wide shelves. But as we can see from the photo, the advantages of the small shelves cannot be overlooked. Since they even fit in small niches and kitchen corners, a chic organization is achieved.

Practical wall shelves in the kitchen offer storage space and decoration options - kitchen niche storage wall shelves and shelves Mid Century

Practical wall shelves in the kitchen offer storage space and new decoration options

Every centimeter counts in the small apartment. The upper half of every room often remains unused, in the basement, in the bathroom and in the kitchen, as well as in the bedroom. The Murphy bed was made with this in mind. It saves a lot of space and is also a nice decoration option.

The foldaway bed provides additional storage space-foldaway bed storage space storage tidiness practical

The foldaway bed provides additional storage space

A multitude of objects contribute to the clutter in the household. The numerous technical devices are an example of this. Wires lying around should be stylishly hidden. The open storage boxes in colorful patterns come to the rescue. If you can find a color to your liking, the more likely it is to use the boxes frequently.

Place electrical devices in the storage box when charging - Colorful storage box patterns create order Clearing out

Place electronic devices in storage box when charging

The open shelves with their practicality are all the rage. For example, you can proudly present your highly valued shoe collection.

The open shelves are in line with the trend - cloakroom, wardrobe, laundry room storage

Open shelves are all the rage

The little family members also need order in their room. Attach the wall shelf at an accessible height. Thus, the child learns from an early age to put his toys and books back in their places after use.

Order in the children's room with hanging shelves-space-saving storage order hanging shelf rocking chair children's room

Create more order in the children’s room with hanging shelves

The next solution is about organizing clothes. Leave the most worn items of clothing in the closet and stow the rest in the other room or under the bed in a suitable storage box.

Stow rarely worn clothes under the bed-clearing out order bedroom storage space storage storage box

Stow rarely worn clothing under the bed

Don’t we want to forget the often used junk drawer, right? It also needs to be cleared out from time to time, otherwise it will quickly become a mess. Design well-organized storage spaces with small trays and containers.

Tidy up the junk drawer-junk drawer storage clearing out organization system household

Tidy up the junk drawer

The wardrobe could have separate storage boxes or fabric bins. This creates a very good organization and you can orientate yourself quickly when tidying up.

Organize storage boxes in the wardrobe-Storage wardrobe Create order household fabric containers

Organize storage boxes in the wardrobe

The best organization system can be recognized by the details. The bedside table in the bedroom could also store lots of items and still look tasteful.

Tasteful furnishing of the bedside table storage order bedside table lamp bedroom photo wallpaper diamond shape

Tasteful furnishing of the bedside table

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