Wallpapers for teenagers? Yes, but they must also please teenagers

Parents know best – their little ones grow up quickly! The everyday life of modern people is too stressful and often you don’t even notice how quickly the years go by. But you can see that in the children who have already become teenagers. Your little realm must now be turned into a youth room. Since most teenagers are demanding and want to express their own style and character, designing a teenage room is not an easy task, either for the parents or for the teenagers. In order to create an appealing living atmosphere, you definitely have to take into account the wishes of your adult child when designing the room. Incidentally, also in terms of wall design. In this regard, modern and cool wallpapers for young people play a decisive role, because they contribute a lot to the cosiness in the young people’s room. What you have to consider when choosing wallpapers for young people, we summarize below for all interested parties.

Cool wallpaper for teenagers that is precisely tailored to the needs of teenagers.

Tapeten für Jugendliche mit Großstadtsilouethen Paris London New York Schreibtisch Bücher Erdkugel

Parents and teenagers choose the right wallpaper for their teenage room together

First and foremost, parents want their adult child to feel comfortable in their room. That is why you should also include the teenager in the choice of suitable wallpaper for the youth room, because he or she would like to make a statement in the room with the wall wallpaper. It also teaches young people to set their own priorities. Therefore, the teenage room should be designed according to the taste of your teenage child. There it can have its peace and quiet, learn, play, draw, listen to music or sometimes even invite friends. The wallpaper could inspire the teenager and be a good incentive for their creative ideas. In addition, he or she wants to be proud of the interior design in his own realm. For all of these reasons, it is advisable that you let your grown child have a say in choosing a cool wallpaper for teenagers and consider their opinion.

What your teen likes is crucial when choosing a wallpaper.

Tapeten für Jugendliche farbenfrohe Muster erdige Farbtöne Schreibtisch Skateboard

Popular colors on modern wallpaper for teenagers

Young people want to grow up quickly and, above all, become independent of their parents. This wish is also expressed in her endeavor to remove the childish wallpaper from her room. These now have to make room for wallpaper for young people. There are certain differences between the two categories of wallpaper, mainly in their colors and patterns. Blue and pink are undoubtedly the classics when designing a boy’s and girl’s room. These are unlikely to go out of style, but there are new nuances that are more popular. For example, a very soft pink shade is currently super trendy and it will certainly stay that way for the next year. The chic shade of green Neo Mint successfully conquers the youth room and gives the ambience new freshness and liveliness. The different shades of blue also remain very popular, from sky blue to navy blue to night blue, everything is in demand for wallpapers for young people.

To admire the starry sky in your own room every day is definitely impressive.

Tapeten für Jugendliche marineblauer Hintergrund Sternenhimmel Jugendzimmer Bett Gardine

That mellow shade of pink is definitely on the rise.

Tapeten für Jugendliche trendiger Rosaton auf dem Vormarsch Stuhl Gardine

This does not, however, exhaust the offers for popular colors on wallpapers for young people. Color contrasts are still very popular among teenagers. So don’t be surprised if your son insists on black and white striped wallpaper for his room. Wallpapers in beige and other earth nuances, as well as in pastel colors, are still enjoying great popularity. In addition, wallpapers with a silver or gold metallic sheen are also very trendy. Other wow effects are also possible on Tepeten for young people.

A cool wallpaper for teenagers that leaves nothing to be desired!

Tapeten für Jugendliche cooles Design grauer Hintergrund Sterne Goldglanz Kosmetik im Glas Raumduft

Which patterns and motifs are popular on wallpapers for young people?

Teens develop a good sense of individualism and often want to stand out from the crowd. This is your guide when choosing patterns and motifs on wallpaper for your room. Floral patterns are still very popular, especially among girls of different ages. That is why floral wallpapers are still in demand for teenagers’ rooms. Geometric and graphic designs are definitely on the advance and are winning the hearts of young people. Triangles and corner corners, for example, are popular patterns that create a structured ambience. Zigzag and striped patterns catch up and give the youth room more playfulness. For more exoticism in the room, teenagers also opt for jungle motifs, which are also very trendy.

Perhaps your teen would like to bring a little jungle flair into the youth room?

Tapeten für Jugendliche mit Jungle Flair exotische Motive Schreibtisch Stuhl weiße Schreibtischlampe

High-quality wallpapers are a must for the youth room

In addition to colors and patterns, the materials used also play a decisive role in the surface and look of the wallpaper. Just like in the children’s room, the wallpapers in the teenage room must be made from high-quality fabrics. With regard to their durability, the parents logically have high demands, because they ensure the safety of their teenagers. For example, wallpapers for young people should above all be breathable and flame-retardant. In addition, these wallpapers must be made from environmentally friendly materials, such as classic paper wallpapers, for example. These contribute to a good indoor climate. Vynil wallpapers are certainly an undisputed favorite among high-quality wallpapers for young people, because they score with their robustness. In addition, they are easy to clean and maintain. The textured wallpapers are also very trendy. They are characterized by high lightfastness and color intensity. Here you have again the choice between paper and fleece.

Surely your teenage boy will like this trendy wallpaper too!

Tapeten für Jugendliche grauer Hintergrund Dreiecke hoch im Trend Schreibtisch Bücher Stifte

Extra tip: All types of wallpaper described here are easy to apply and can also be removed from the wall without any problems and without leaving any residue.

If you are currently looking for high-quality and inexpensive wallpapers for children’s and teenagers’s rooms, you can find them made of different fabrics and in different patterns and colors here. Browse through the company’s online shop and you will definitely find what you are looking for!

It is up to you what you and your teenage child choose for their teenage room. But we are sure that you are making a well-informed and smart decision!

Your teen will definitely feel at home in the youth room.

Tapeten für Jugendliche grauer Hintergrund rosafarbene Kreise Sitzkissen Teenie Mädchen beim Lesen

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