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Walter Baker Bridgforth

Walter Baker Bridgforth remains private, keeping his personal life out of public view and unspotted by anyone.

Walter has spent years campaigning to persuade IHOP and other national family-style chains to come to Detroit.

Early Life and Education

Walter Bridgforth has earned himself an impeccable reputation as a financial advisor while maintaining a healthy work-life balance by prioritizing quality time with family and friends, supporting charitable initiatives in his community and giving back.

Anita Baker was his bride in 1988. Since then they have lived happily in Grosse Pointe Park with two children. Anita is well known as an accomplished soulful ballad singer who has garnered many prestigious awards throughout her career.

She is best-known for hits like “Sweet Love” and “You Had It Easy”, both produced by Walter Baker Bridgforth III and Edward Carlton Bridgforth. Walter helped establish her in the music industry through producing hits for Jill Scott, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, as well as other artists like Walter Baker Bridgforth III and Edward Carlton Bridgforth III, his sons.

Professional Career

Walter Bridgforth has made a name for himself in the finance industry with his hard work and perseverance. His business acumen has enabled him to amass an enormous fortune, which he uses to assist those needing financial guidance.

He regularly attends seminars and conferences to keep up with the latest financial trends, earning the respect of both colleagues and clients alike.

He has made numerous successful investments across various fields during his career and also provided significant service to society through various philanthropic efforts.

Bridgforth is best known as the ex-husband of Anita Baker, an esteemed singer/songwriter. They married on December 24, 1988, but later separated in 2007. Together they are parents to two sons named Walter Baker Bridgeford and Edward Carlton Bridgeforth.

Achievement and Honors

Walter Bridgforth is more than just Anita Baker’s former husband – he has built an acclaimed real estate career and strives to bring investments back into Detroit. Additionally, Walter enjoys golf and shares glimpses of his personal life via social media.

Bridgforth has achieved great success by staying true to himself and adhering to his values and principles throughout his journey towards success. His humble upbringing enabled him to develop strong work ethics and resilience – qualities which have proven instrumental in helping him flourish within the competitive finance industry.

Walter has made an indelible mark through both his professional experience and philanthropic contributions. He believes giving back to the community is essential and makes an enormous difference in people’s lives; furthermore, he has inspired young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and pursue their goals.

Personal Life

Anita Baker was known for her passionate, emotionally charged performances as well as for enduring an extremely contentious divorce settlement with former partner Walter Bridgforth, from whom she had two sons before their separation.

Walter Bridgforth is a successful businessman with many interests that help increase his net worth. Real estate has been his field for 20 years; and he has served as President of W.B.B.J Rental Properties since 1997.

He has also worked toward bringing national family-style restaurant chains back to Detroit, where he spent his youth. Furthermore, he has participated in various philanthropic endeavors and assisted many people who need assistance. When not helping others he enjoys playing golf and posting pictures of himself on social media.

Net Worth

Walter Bridgforth is an accomplished businessman and entrepreneur who has amassed his fortune through astute investments and innovative entrepreneurial ventures. Additionally, he serves as a mentor to young professionals and entrepreneurs seeking financial success, providing advice and supporting them on their path.

Bridgforth’s humble upbringing and hardworking resilience has allowed him to craft an outstanding career within the finance industry, becoming an established figure. Through hard work, dedication, and determination he has amassed an impressive net worth of $250 Million as of 2023.

He lives in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan in a lakefront home, and has two sons from his previous marriage with singer Anita Baker (he met her while touring with Chapter 8 band), Walter Baker Bridgforth and Edward Carlton Bridgforth respectively.

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