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Wedding decoration in industrial chic? Yes why not!

The industrial style has long since conquered the interior and is also often seen in offices and coffee houses. It’s gaining popularity everywhere. Many people like this style for its coolness and simplicity. Simple shapes, cold colors and minimalist design are typical of the industrial style. But would it also be appropriate at a wedding? Yes, we try to convince you that you can organize your wedding in industrial chic without hesitation. You will learn from our picture gallery what a wedding decoration in industrial chic could look like. We’ll show you great decoration tips from wedding invitations to table decorations and wedding cakes, everything talking about industrial chic. Stay tuned!

Hochzeitsdeko Industrial Chic Brautpaar Liebe Romantik Charme

Where love counts, there is no need to decorate in abundance.

  • What makes the wedding decoration in industrial chic?

But before we go to the specific examples, we want to clarify: what defines an industrial chic decoration and for whom is it suitable. Every industrial chic decoration is characterized by chic monochrome color palettes, paired with metallic sheen and cool concrete. This mix of cool colors and textures makes a sophisticated statement. And while many think this restrained look is especially suitable for minimalists, we would say: it is also perfect for those who save their budget and don’t want to dig deep into their pockets, but who love the clean aesthetics of industrial style. Are you one of them?

Schickes Design weiße Kerzen zarte Blüten im Hintergrund Hochzeitdeko

Expensive flowers or gilded decor are absolutely unnecessary here.

  • What details do you have to pay attention to in industrial chic wedding decorations?

In industrial chic wedding decorations, the details are important, so we want to draw your attention to a few. For example, the wedding invitations can be very eye-catching if they are done in calligraphic script. That little retro touch reveals a lot about your character and preferred style.

Hochzeitsdeko in Industrial Chic Einladungen mit Retro Touch

Chic, lettered invitations have a retro touch.

Hochzeitsdeko in Industrial Chic Einladungen machen den perfekten ersten Eindruck

The combination of gold foil, marble print and elegant typography makes the perfect first impression when your guests open their invitation.

The wedding decoration in industrial chic must be brought to a minimum. In this respect, an industrial ambience is the right background for such a celebration. You can see in the next picture how easy but stylish it is to do it. A wreath of flowers hanging over the middle of the wedding hall and chic chairs without any jewelry have achieved maximum effect.

Hochzeitsdeko in Industrial Chic

Little effort, big impact – industrial chic wedding decorations.

Make sure that there is enough seating for the wedding guests. In an industrial space, you certainly have a lot of free space, so you can arrange tables and chairs in the best possible way. Here again the color palette is important. White, gray and black are the dominant colors in industrial chic wedding decorations. Put an accent with a chic vase of lush white flowers. Well, isn’t that beautifully chic?

Hochzeitsdeko in Industrial Chic Romantik weiße Blüten sehr ansprechendes Design

Romanticism and industrial chic go hand in hand here

Since we are still at the seats for the wedding guests, we recommend that you do without chairs with a traditional design and use those with a retro look. The next picture illustrates this. Metal chairs have been arranged around the wedding table and thus achieved a strong effect with the wedding decoration in industrial chic.

Hochzeitsfeier Saal dekoriert Metallstühle im Retro Look verstärken den Industrial Style

Metal chairs in a retro look enhance the wedding decoration in industrial chic.

Flowers, vases and candles are among the must-haves of every wedding decoration. But with industrial chic wedding decorations, they are a lot different than usual. Shiny gold ceramic vases and elegant gray candle holders are a successful mixture of industrial style and festive glamor.

Hochzeitsdeko Vasen in Industrial Chic echte Highlights

These vases are real highlights.

Perfekter Akzent in der Hochzeitsdeko geometrische Betonkerzenhalter

The geometric concrete candle holders are the perfect accent in the wedding decoration.

Last but not least comes the wedding cake. It is an important part of any wedding decoration. In our case it is all in white with simple flowers, but with lots of white candles. So the wedding cake can be the final touch of the wedding decoration in industrial chic. Or do you have a different opinion?

Hochzeitstorte toller Hingucker Hochzeitsdeko in Industrial Chic

The wedding cake is always a great eye-catcher in the wedding decoration.

Now scroll down and take your time to see all the little details for decorating your wedding in industrial style. The editorial team wishes you a lot of fun and new inspiration!

Hochzeitsdeko weiße Blüten asymmetrischer Blumenbogen

An asymmetrical arch of white flowers and lots of green adds a softness to the industrial space without damaging its architecture.

Hochzeitsdeko Kerzenhalter aus Messing verschiedene Formen

These brass card holders are designed in both hexagonal and rectangular shapes.

Hochzeitsdeko Tisch für Gäste Mischung aus Metall beton Eisen Holz schafft ein dynamisches Design

A great mix of metal, concrete, iron and wood creates a dynamic design.

Hochzeitsdeko klassisches Statement über wahre Liebe

A classic statement about true love!

Monochromatisches Design auch bei den Kerzen Hochzeitsdeko Industrial Chic

Monochromatic design also for the candles.

Minimalistisches Design Hochzeitsdeko Industrial Chic Kerzenbehälter

Minimalist design in wedding decoration in industrial chic.

Kerzenständer weiße Kerzen poliertes Finish Messing

This candlestick with a glamorous, polished finish is gorgeous.

Hochzeitsdeko Industrial Chic Betongeschirr tolle Deko Idee

Concrete dishes – do we need to say more? So the wedding decoration in industrial chic is rounded off.

Beton farbiger Tortenständer in Industrial Style Hochzeitsdeko

The wedding cake can stand on this industrial style cake stand or you can create a great arrangement with succulents on it.

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