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The well-known presenter and actress Nina Bott is a mother of four and has been regularly vaccinating her children for years. She knows that it’s not always easy to keep things in perspective. But protecting their children is their top priority. Before her son’s next vaccination appointment, she therefore has a comprehensive consultation with the paediatrician Dr. Michael Horn on the different meningococcal vaccinations and recommends that other parents also obtain information.

Nina Bott has been dealing with the various vaccinations for her big and small children for over 18 years. Like many other parents, it is sometimes difficult for them to get an overview of all protection options. Because there are children’s vaccinations, such as the additional possible vaccinations against meningococci B and ACWY, which are not in the standard vaccination plan, although they can be useful. Because the standard recommended vaccination against meningococci C cannot provide comprehensive protection against all meningococci groups.

In the video, Dr. Michael Horn, the mother of four, about the various vaccinations against the very rare but life-threatening meningococcal diseases. He also explains why it is important to vaccinate children as early as possible, because babies and toddlers are particularly often affected.[1] He also explains that the immune system of the little ones is not overtaxed by several vaccinations.

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Nina wants to take the best possible precautions, which is why she decides to take additional vaccinations. And she advises other parents to ask their pediatrician about the various meningococcal vaccinations as soon as possible and to seek advice.

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[1] German Green Cross: “Frequently asked questions and answers about meningococcal diseases”. Available at: February 2022.

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