Wendi Deng Net Worth

Wendi Deng Net Worth

Wendi Deng is an American businesswoman, actress, and producer. She is the third wife of Rupert Murdoch. They have two daughters together. Despite her ties to the Murdoch family, she has a net worth of only $100 million.

Wendi Deng was born in the eastern Jiangsu province of China. Her father worked in the People’s Machinery Works. Her mother was an engineer. She graduated from California State University Northridge and Yale University. In 2011, Deng made her film producing debut with the film Snow Flower. It won the Golden Angel Award at the Chinese American Film Festival.

In 1997, Deng was offered an internship by Bruce Churchill at the News Corp subsidiary Star TV in Hong Kong. She later landed a full-time junior executive position. During her time there, she assisted in the development of Star’s music channel in China, and investigated the possibility of interactive television for News Digital Systems. Then, she started working on plans for the Star’s Channel V music channel in Hong Kong.

In 1999, Deng married Rupert Murdoch. However, their marriage didn’t last long. Just 17 days after their wedding, the couple divorced. Upon the breakup, Rupert claimed that his wife was irreconcilable, and he filed for divorce in New York City. Despite the divorce, Deng and Murdoch remain friends. They have a house in New York City.

Although Deng is still alive, her career has taken a hit. She has been spotted with several other men in recent months, including Bertold Zahoran and David Wolf. In 2020, she was spotted with an unnamed younger man. There has been much speculation about her whereabouts, though she has denied any rumours.

Before marrying Rupert Murdoch, Deng had a number of affairs. She had an affair with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and has also been linked to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Vanity Fair claims to have found evidence that Deng has dated Putin, but that is not true.

When she was a teenager, Deng changed her name from Wenge to Wendi. As a student, she was top scoring in her economics class. After graduating from Yale University in 1996, she became a full-time junior executive at Star TV. While there, she aided in the planning of the company’s music channel in China, and helped develop its distribution network in China.

Deng’s husband, Rupert, has a net worth of approximately $100 million. He has invested in companies such as Uber, Snapchat, and Warby Parker, and has also lent money to startup businesses. Additionally, his children have an undisclosed amount of News Corp shares.

In addition to her ties to the Murdoch family, Deng has also been linked to the Trump family. She was a guest on Made in Hollywood, and is close with Ivanka Trump. She was also a producer on The Secret Fan. Though her reputation took a hit after her divorce, Deng has since fought to defend her ex-husband. And she wants to have the same rights for her kids as other women.

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