What advantages do I have as a union member?

What advantages do I have as a union member?

Anyone who is a member of a trade union enjoys tangible advantages: support with problems in the company or at work, a wide range of educational, advisory and service offers as well as legal protection. The unions negotiate collective agreements. That’s reason enough to join a union.

How can you become a member of a trade union?

In order to become a member of a trade union, an application must usually be made and a contribution paid to the trade union at regular intervals. Many individual trade unions in Germany have joined together to form a trade union federation.

How are the unions organized?

Some trade unions organize themselves as registered associations and are therefore legal entities under private law. Other unions are not registered but, like political parties, are still treated as an association of persons with legal personality.

What services do unions offer?

The functions and services of a trade union include: Establishing inter-company collective agreements, which normally apply only to members, but which in practice are also used for unorganized workers. Conducting negotiations with the employer. Organization of wage struggles, eg strikes.

What services does Verdi offer?

Advice, protection, special conditions The member service offers comprehensive advice and offers for applications/career start, pension/income tax, capital-forming benefits, health and prevention, housing and building, protection against service and occupational disability and much more. The additional services are for ver.

What are the tasks of the trade unions?

Task of a trade union: fair wages Trade unions represent the employee side and fight for fair collective agreements for them. Your negotiating opponents are the employers’ associations, in which the entrepreneurs have come together.

What are unions demanding?

The trade unions are demanding 4.8 percent more wages for around 2.5 million employees in the federal and local public services.

Why is the union important?

The trade unions face the difficult task of balancing individualization and globalization in their practical day-to-day work. This also includes a stronger Europeanization of trade union interest representation.

Should you join the union?

In principle, everyone should jump over their own shadow and join the union that is responsible for them. Only through our unions can we achieve better working conditions. However, it is also important to make your colleagues understand that they are also joining.

Why in the employers’ association?

The employers’ association has the task of supporting its members in regular collective bargaining with the unions. The collective agreement negotiated with the unions is binding for all members of the association.

How do I find out if my employer is in the employers’ association?

The employers’ association hides behind the data protection law and does not want to give any information in this regard. Nevertheless, there is also a right to know whether an employer is bound by a collective bargaining agreement or not.

What is an employers’ association?

voluntary associations of employers to protect their common socio-political and labor law interests, which they represent towards the state, society and the trade unions.

What is the difference between a chamber and an employers’ association?

Employers’ associations are organized regionally, the umbrella organization is the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA). The purpose of the chambers is to pursue common regional professional interests.

What is the central task of employers’ associations?

Tasks of an employers’ association: Collective bargaining with trade unions in the case of classic collective bargaining membership (regional collective agreement) Improvement of industrial relations and adjustment of working conditions with the help of company collective agreements, individual contractual regulations or regional collective agreements.

What are unions and employers’ associations?

An employers’ association is an association of employers (entrepreneurs) for the purpose of jointly representing their interests vis-à-vis trade unions and the state. An employers’ association is the collective bargaining, social, labor market and socio-political mouthpiece of its members.

How are employers’ organizations organised?

Employers’ associations are usually organized in the legal form of an association. Since branch-specific issues are often of particular importance when representing interests together, many associations join forces within the same branches and business areas.

Which associations represent the interests of employees?

The trade unions represent the political, economic and social interests of employees vis-à-vis employers, the state and the political parties. The tasks of the ÖGB include, for example: Negotiation of collective agreements.

What is the name of the umbrella organization of employers’ associations?

The umbrella organization in Germany is the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA). At the international level, e.g. the “International Organization of Employers” (IOE) and the “General Council of European Industry Associations” (REI).

What are employer associations?

Some German employers’ associations Federal Association of German Industry (BDI) Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA) Employers’ Association of the Metal and Electrical Industry (Gesamtmetall) Employers’ Association of Insurance Companies in Germany. Employers’ Association of the Housing Industry eV

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