What are argumentative texts?

What are argumentative texts?

The essence of the material-based writing of argumentative texts is to develop a differentiated (content-wise refined) argumentation on controversial or questionable facts / topics. In addition to the argumentative part, your text always contains explanatory and informative parts.

How do I write an analysis in English?

You start your analysis with an introductory sentence and a table of contents. The actual analysis begins in the main part. In the introduction to your analysis you name the main thesis that the author puts forward in his text.

How is an argument structured?

An argument has three parts: a claim, a reason, and an example. Assertion made. Islamic instruction should be introduced in German schools, … assertion.

A “discussion” in German is called a “comment” in English.

A comment is an opinion, but a discussion is a discussion. In a comment, a clear position should be taken so that it is “handy”.

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