What are artifacts?

What are artifacts?

What is an artifact and in which areas is the term used? Knowledge at a glance: An artifact is an object created by humans. In organizations, the term is used, for example, in project management and software development.

What is an informatics artifact?

Artifacts are model elements in the UML that are the result of a work process [2] represent. This includes, for example, source code as the result of a software development process or a text document as the result of the definition of system requirements [2].

Which has more radiation CT or MRI?

What is the difference between MRI and CT? Unlike computed tomography (CT), which uses X-rays, MRI uses magnetic fields and radio waves to create tomographic images of the body. The patients are therefore not exposed to any radiation during the MRI.

How high is the radiation exposure in CT?

Usual X-ray or CT radiation Radiation – X-ray & CT dose in millisievert (mSv) Stress on the body Lumbar spine in 2 levels 0.6 – 1.1 mSv per year low CT brain skull 1 – 3 mSv per year high Bile 1 – 8 mSv per year high to very high Urinary tract 2 – 5 mSv per year high 16

Is a CT very harmful?

In the case of X-ray machines and other imaging devices, caution and reverence are warranted because the rays emitted are sometimes dangerous. The Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) has now lowered the dose specifications for X-rays and computed tomography (CT).

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