What are empirical bases?

What are empirical bases?

“Empirical” means a factual approach in science and research. Here, knowledge is systematically gained from measurable or observable, verifiable results, not from theoretical considerations.

What is empiricism?

Definition: What is “empiricism”? epistemological teaching that sees the origin of all knowledge in observations or sensory perceptions (in this case: sensualism).

What is empiricism philosophy?

Metzler Lexicon Philosophy Empiricism. (Greek empeiria, Latin experientia), denotes the epistemological doctrine, according to which all knowledge has its origin only in experience, ie not in understanding or reason, as rationalism would assume.

Is Plato a representative of empiricism?

Schmitt. Generally, empiricism and rationalism are contrasted sharply with one another. Plato is considered to be the main exponent of a particularly strict rationalism.

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