What are formal aspects of a poem?

What are formal aspects of a poem?

Formal characteristics of a poem One of the formal characteristics of a poem is its division into verses, i.e. lines of the poem, and stanzas, i.e. sections made up of several verses. In addition, a poem is characterized by a rhythm, which is determined by meter (meter).

What is a poem comparison?

To compare something means to work out differences, but also to show similarities. In the end, a poem comparison is exactly that: Two or more poems are compared with each other on the basis of a previous analysis.

What belongs in a poem interpretation?

Introduction to the analysis of the poem Title of the poem. Name of the author. Year of publication, if specified. Type of poem (sonnet, ode, haiku, etc.) Topic of the poem (nature poem, love poem, etc.) Temporal classification (literary epochs) Brief description of the content (write summary) Further entries …

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