What are lines of argument?

What are lines of argument?

Line of argument (German) [1] Procedure for arguing in which the arguments line up in a structured manner. Origin: determinative compound of argumentation and line with the fugue element -s.

What is a discussion?

A discussion is a conversation (also dialogue) between two or more people (discussors) in which a specific topic is examined (discussed), with each side presenting their arguments. The verb for this is called discutere and means “to discuss a matter = to examine, to discuss, to consider in discussion”.

What is an example?

An example is used as an explanation or proof of something general, or as a model or example. According to Duden, an example is “a typical individual case selected at will as an explanation for a specific phenomenon or a specific process; Example”.

What is Synonym Examples?

What is a synonym?say → talk, speak, articulate, utter, notice, etc. walk → move about, walk, hike, saunter, trot, etc. write → make, write down, compose, formulate, compose, etc. “We walked along the road. “We walked down the street. “

What is the abbreviation of for example?

Example that for example (abbreviation eg)

What is the abbreviation for for example?

[1] for example” Synonyms: [1] e.g.; obsolete/obsolete: e.g. (for example)

Like a?

The comma next to how (for example) is optional. But: The trend is clearly towards omitting the comma! Example: In other countries such as B.

How do you spell abbreviations correctly?

This is how abbreviations are written in accordance with DIN Abbreviations that you automatically “translate” into the unabridged word when reading receive a period that is placed next to the abbreviated word without spaces. Multiple abbreviated words (“e.g. “) are separated with spaces.

How do you spell out dh?

e.g. B. (for example) uva (and many others) dh (that means) ua (among other things/and others) If you put a normal space between the individual parts of multi-part abbreviations, they will be torn apart at a line break.

How Do You Spell Ev?

> Registered association (abbr. eV) The space is Duden-compliant, according to Duden it means “e.

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