What are my ambitions?

What are my ambitions?

Ambition is understood as the striving of a person, anchored in the character, for personal goals such as performance, success, recognition, influence, leadership, knowledge or power. Unlike “commitment,” ambition is self-serving rather than altruistic.

What does aspiration mean?

Aspiration is the ability to strive for something, to pursue an ideal or a goal. Aspiration is also the energy with which one approaches something.

What is an aspiration?

1) mostly plural: earnest effort to achieve a specific goal. Application examples: 1) His efforts were aimed at higher goals that should strengthen and secure his position of power.

What is an intention?

Word meaning/definition: 1) Will to realize something. 2) reason for an action. 3) Law Special form of intent in criminal law, which is characterized by the fact that the perpetrator depends on the success.

What is effort?

Effort (or effort) is a willful (and arduous) increase in normal activity to achieve a defined goal. Exertion causes temporary distress. Effort consists of motor and mental parts. The incentive is the motive for an effort.

What does physical exertion mean?

Physical activity is defined as “any movement of the skeletal muscles that leads to a significant increase in resting energy expenditure” and refers to the physical movement that a person performs themselves.

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