What are my children doing on the internet?

Young people always have their smartphone with them and can no longer imagine them without it. They use it on the bus and train, but also at meals with the family. Many parents will wonder what their children are doing on the internet all the time. Social media can be a pastime, but it can also provide further training, information and promote exchange. Information from the “Social Media Guide for Parents and Grandparents”.

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To chat

Often times, social media is just for entertainment. Memes are pictures with humorous sayings. You will be linked to friends on Facebook or Instagram. Own dance videos for songs can be recorded on the TikTok platform. Self-portraits with funny filters are sent via Snapchat. Social media do not set any limits to creativity.

Watch videos on YouTube

Music videos, tips for recipes or make-up tips can be uploaded and viewed on the YouTube platform. YouTube can be entertaining, but it’s also informative. Tips with videos for almost every situation in life can be found there. How to change car tires is explained there as well as the test to determine whether an avocado is ripe. Influencers are now very popular. They regularly upload videos on various topics and earn money from product placements in the videos.

Video calls and chats

Today’s young adults love to chat for hours just as much as they used to. What used to work face to face can now be done around the clock from anywhere thanks to social media. Within seconds, new topics of conversation can be exchanged via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other platforms. You can also do this with photos and videos. FaceTime or Skype also allow video calls to be made.

Read the news

Social media quickly get a bad reputation for allegedly making children and young people stupid. Children are not just wasting their time online. News apps also enable timely information on the latest events from around the world. This works much faster than via daily newspapers and news magazines.

Express the opinion

Expressing your opinion on political issues, climate protection and other current events and sharing them with others is very easy via social media. Young people can discuss with each other, but also with politicians and other responsible persons. Classic demonstrations can also be disseminated online. Social media enable a lively exchange of opinions.

Always up to date with social media

The latest photos can be posted and liked on Instagram. It is possible to comment and share current posts on Facebook. Stories can be recorded on some social media. Small videos about current situations from everyday life can be uploaded in real time. So the followers always stay up to date. If the videos are not saved as a highlight, they will disappear after 24 hours.

Social Media auf Smartphone
The world on a mobile phone – Parents should also know about social media in order to support their children in the event of potential dangers. (Image: © Aleksei / Adobe Stock)

It would be unfair to classify social media as bad. Reading addiction was viewed critically 250 years ago. People who read a lot are now considered educated. You shouldn’t be averse to social media. Rather, if your children spend a lot of time on social media, express your interest.

Get to know the world of Instagram and let your kids show you YouTube videos. This will give you an understanding of what your children are doing on the Internet all the time. Let your children know that you are always by their side as a trustworthy contact in case of problems. The free social media guide for parents and grandparents has other valuable tips ready.

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