What are natural causes of climate change?

What are natural causes of climate change?

Human activities have significantly increased the amount of gases that affect the climate, above all carbon dioxide, and are thus contributing to global warming. In particular, the burning of fossil fuels, i.e. coal, oil and natural gas, and a change in land use, e.g.

How is plastic waste created?

In the sea, the sun, wind and salt water break down the larger pieces of plastic over the years. Smaller and smaller pieces are created, this is called secondary microplastic, so to speak plastic “from the second hand”.

What goes in the plastic waste?

All packaging made of plastic, tinplate and aluminum belongs in the yellow bin or sack. These include, for example, foil, plastic packaging for sausage and cheese, tins, empty tubes, beverage cartons and plastic bags.

Where does the plastic waste end up?

Where does our plastic waste end up? Of course, our plastic waste goes in the yellow bag. (And that, by the way, only since 1991, before that all plastics were disposed of with residual waste or landfills.)

Which countries produce the most plastic waste?

In 2010 alone, China dumped 3.53 million tons of plastic waste into the world’s oceans. America is also responsible for the massive pollution of the world’s oceans, but with 0.11 million tons it is far behind the Chinese.

To which countries does Germany export plastic waste?

Waste from the dual system: According to the Central Office for Packaging Register, in 2018 90 percent of the plastic from the yellow bag and bin was recycled within Germany and ten percent was exported. Seven of these ten percent went to Austria and the Netherlands.

Which country produces the least waste?

With around 6.5 tons, the least amount of packaging waste was produced in Liechtenstein in 2017. Iceland followed with 51.2 tons and Luxembourg with 137.7 tons.

Where is most of the garbage in the sea?

More than half of plastic waste comes from just five countries, including China, Indonesia and the Philippines (Science: Jambeck et al., 2015). Rivers and bodies of water carry most of it out to sea.

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