What are physical skills?

What are physical skills?

Physical performance (also physical performance, stamina, performance, performance capacity or performance potential) is a term from sports science and describes the ability of people to perform a certain task at the highest possible load level.

What do we understand by special skills?

The rubric “Special skills” should therefore be used to create a meaningful connection between training, professional experience and the desired job. This enables the HR manager to get a personal impression of the applicant.

What is the difference between traits and skills?

Differences between skills and traits Traits are descriptive adjectives. When it comes to strengths, we tend to look for skills. So it’s about things that you do. This includes something like: speaking freely in front of a group, fixing certain things, being skillful with horses, etc.

What is an ability?

A skill describes the very basic physical and mental prerequisites of a person, which he brings with him to perform.

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