What are quotation marks?

What are quotation marks?

In German fonts in all countries (except Switzerland and Liechtenstein) either the German quotation marks (; Merkhilfe: 9966) or the French quotation marks with the tips inward (, Guillemets, also called goosefoot) are used as quotation marks.

What are single quotes?

You need simple quotation marks more often than you think. And we’ll tell you how to insert them into Word. Quotation marks are used at the beginning and end of verbatim speech or quotations. Most of the time, you use the double quotes, also called quotes.

How do I do the quotes above?

Word keyboard shortcuts for quotation marks Single quotation mark below: [ALT] + 0130, single quotation mark above: [ALT] + 0145 and [ALT] + 0146. Normal quotation mark below: [ALT] + 0132, normal quotation mark above: [ALT] + 0147 and [ALT] + 0148.

When do you put a quotation mark?

The quotation marks are in front of and behind literal statements or thoughts and text passages. If the direct speech or the quotation is interrupted, the individual parts of the text are put in quotation marks. “The successful man is”, it says in this book, “the average man, focused”.

How do you do guillemets?

Windows: Insert guillemets using a keyboard shortcut Press [Alt] + [0171] to create the open bracket («). Press [Alt] + [0187] to create the closed bracket (»).

How do you make the French quotation marks?

»German use of the Guillemets or… .Special charactersKey shortcut WinKey shortcut Mac› “French quotation mark just on” Alt + 0155 (numeric keypad) Alt + Shift + N ‹” French quotation mark easy to “Alt + 0139 (numeric keypad) Alt + Shift + B7

What is a gull?

Colloquial term for quotation marks “this” form. The term guillemets is more common in technical language.

What keyboard shortcut for quotation marks below?

If there are any difficulties, you can also type the key combination “Alt” + “0132” or find the quotation marks in the “Insert” area under “Symbols”.

How do you put quotation marks in English?

In American English, the rule is the same as in German: double quotation marks are used for direct speech and single quotation marks are used for quotations in the quotation. However, both are put on top.

How to write a direct speech in English

Example: She said, “I was in London last year.” If the direct speech is at the beginning, the comma is placed within the quotation marks in the normal sentence (not after it as in German). The point of the statement in direct speech is omitted. Example: “I was in London last year,” she said.

When do quotation marks when italic?

Quotation marks: Quotation marks are used for direct speech and quotations. No italics are used where there are quotation marks (unless the original text is italic, see below). There are also quotation marks when you mean the word and not the thing, such as: “Milk is very nutritious.

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