What are reference customers?

What are reference customers?

the reference customer reports on the joint project at trade fairs, forums and events at the invitation of the reference provider. The referrer agrees that interested parties may call him. The referrer gives his consent for interested parties to visit.

What does a reference number look like?

What does a reference number look like? A reference number can be a combination of digits or digits and letters. For DHL, it is a combination of any 10 to 20 digits.

What is a watch reference number?

A number for the watch as a whole. The reference number, on the other hand, is used to uniquely identify a specific version of a watch model. However, all copies of the relevant model version have the same reference number.

What is the Rolex reference number?

On Oyster cases, you will find the reference number between the lugs at 12 o’clock – the serial number on the opposite side at 6 o’clock. On the newer models with a number key, the serial number can also be found on the rehaut at the 6 o’clock position.

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