What are rows and what are columns? What are rows and what are columns? What are rows and what are columns?

What are rows and what are columns?

A row is a series of data displayed horizontally in a spreadsheet or table, while a column is a vertical row of cells in a spreadsheet, chart, or table. Rows go left to right while columns go top to bottom.

What is a line in text?

line stands for: a macrotypographic element of printed text pages, see typography #macrotypography. Line of verse in poetry, see verse.

What are the line?

[1] in general: horizontal juxtaposition of similar objects, such as left-right divisions of text or data. [2] Printing, sentence structure, typography: In a font with a horizontal writing direction, all adjacent words and characters together.

What are rows in a table?

A table usually has between 2 and 20 columns, but can also have just one or far more than 20 columns. The number of rows is basically not limited either, so a table with 1 million rows is more the norm than the exception.

What does the stanza mean?

A stanza (from ancient Greek στροφή strophē, German ‘turn’; specifically: ‘dance turn of the choir, singing sung during the dance’) is a section of a lyrical text.

How is line abbreviated?

abbreviation line

What is an interpolated verse?

The interruption of a sentence by the insertion of another sentence is called parenthesis. The inserted sentence is in dashes, brackets or commas and is grammatically complete and independent.

What are line and stanza jumps?

An enjambement (French: exceeding) is a line jump. One speaks of an enjambement or line jump when the end of the sentence does not coincide with the end of the verse, but a sentence or meaning context is continued beyond the verse boundary (strophic jambement).

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