What are secondary traits?

What are secondary traits?

Secondary sexual characteristics are physical characteristics that are not directly necessary for sexual reproduction. They develop through sexual maturity. In humans, these are the female breast and the male beard. An example in animals is the cockscomb.

What are the secondary sexual characteristics of girls?

Lexicon of Psychology Secondary Sexual Characteristics In girls it is the growth of the mammary glands and nipples, the appearance of pubic and armpit hair, in boys the increased growth of muscles, the appearance of pubic, beard and armpit hair as well as the deepening of the voice (voice break) (Puberty).

What are the secondary sexual characteristics of the man?

The secondary sex organs in men include increased body hair on the chest, stomach, back, armpits and in the pubic area as well as beard growth. In addition, the voice breaks during puberty and, under certain circumstances, the larynx protrudes significantly, which is also known as the Adam’s apple.

What are primary and secondary sexual characteristics in men and women?

Definition of Sexual Characteristics Sexual Characteristics Typical physical characteristics for the female and male sex. A distinction is made between primary sexual characteristics present from birth – the actual sexual organs – from secondary sexual characteristics that only develop during puberty.

What does secondary mean in medicine?

The term secondary disease or also secondary disease describes in medicine in the sense of formal pathogenesis attributively the occurrence and development of a disease with all the factors involved, as a consequence of another disease or damage.

What is it actually?

Actually (originally synonymous with “essential”, “essential”) referred to: actual mapping, a characterization of a certain type of mapping between topological spaces.

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